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Hi Jessica! I'm amazed by all the faces and great pauses you've done since several years now! A true reference on DA Clap :) (Smile)  This serie is stunning!
Thanks! :ahoy:
hi,i'm a bit new to this stock usage thing..
can i use your stock for a photomanipulation tutorial i want to post on youtube ?
it will be a step by step tutorial on how to do the specific image in which i need some facial expressions.
no sexual content in the image.
its horror themed
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Used it here:
Morning Mood by debNise
Thank you!
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Used your stock here,thank you very much Stormy weather by ShinyphotoArt
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Hi! I used your stock here! Thank you!

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Thank you for using my stock for your art :rose:
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Used here! Thanks for amazing stock! 
ShinyHeels's avatar
Used you stock here,thank you so much Just one kiss by ShinyHeels
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thanks for stock. Love 
i use here
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Thank you so much for your wonderful stock!  I used it to create this  :…
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Thank you for using my stock :rose:
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Wow, your expressions are so cartoony, no exageration is needed, awesome !
it's like looking at a Frank cho Cartoon to me ! Downloaded, i'll use them for learning more about expressions and i'll send you the sketches.
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Love this! Great expressions! Used one here:… Thank you ever so much.
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one of your most useful stocks, its so much more rare. expression stocks. I'll study the lot, it will help a lot
thanks a bunch!
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These will be so useful! are all the downloadable files shown in the preview pic? t
faestock's avatar
Yes, the preview shows all of the image that are available.
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i am not sure
but i want to get over there and give you a hug
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no thank you, thanks for the offer.
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is it because i steal brains?
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