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i love this expression

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Hi, used here:
Thank you. :)
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dammit i luv the look
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Used here: Thank you so much! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
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I used this here, thank you so much! Amazing stock photos :heart:
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Thank you for using my stock :rose:
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These are great for practicing drawing facial expressions. You have a very Disney-esque look to you :)
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Used Here: Enchantress
Thank you very much Thanks for everything!
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Love your expression of the top photo.  Perfect don't F*%k with me, look!
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Gorgeous series.  I can see it being extremely helpful with any character work.  And I love those expressions.  (I secretly believe a princess somehow made a celluloid escape from the Disney vault.)
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Heart  that beautiful woman!
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Nice!! The top photo is especially intense! Great eyes!!
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Thanks so much for sharing!
I have used this here:

The Evil Dead by A-Wakefield
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your so awesome pics you'v got  
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Ahhhh yessss facial expressions o3o score. This will be so useful. 
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Great facial expressions :heart:
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Did you just say what I think you said??
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These are very useful.  It's quite possible that every woman I draw from now on is going to have your face.
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These are so wonderful. I love the colour of your hair.
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These three photos as a whole could just be one complete punchline. Hilarious. Great work! =D
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