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Exclusive stock for those kind people who donate towards my costume fund.

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Ok so I have never given a critique on DA before and I figured this would be a good time to start as any.
First your stock images are awesome, it doesn't hurt that you are a beautiful girl, but your costumes and camra teckniques are spot on. Not only does it offer poses for artist who need the angels but you often have inspiring images that beg to be used.
Now I'm not a photographer so I don't have any skills in that area but I spend a rediculious amoung of time in Photoshop and programs like it. this is my only area that could use improvment, on the images that you are letting us mess with use a background that is in compleet contrast to your image and the more solid the color the better. that way it's only a couple of clicks and the background is gone and you can be standing in a creepy forest or riding a dragon or what ever suits the fancy of the artist that's manipulating the photo. If there are to many contrasting colors in the background then it's time consuming and dare I say tedious to remove it, especially when it blends into the colors of your outfit/ skin tone, what have you. like in these images the black/grey of the background blends into the blue hair and the shadows of your skin. though making for a striking image it discourages photo manipulation. Using a hot pink background, Neon green, or bright yellow would make it less striking to look at but a snap to grab the wizard tool and click , back space and poof background is gone now we can begin the fun part of playing with your photos.
Think of it as the green screen effect because that's what it is LOL. OK I think I have gone on long enough and let me just finish by saying your works is fabulous and I love it. As my father used to say carry on soldier.