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How active is the group, and what can you do when you join? I've looked around but haven't seen much on what i can DO once i join. ^^'
This group isn’t your typical arpg! It’s more casual and chill mostly due to how often I can update it as I can be quite busy irl
When you get a fae, they can take classes to become a certain profession. After that there will be drawing prompts for that specific profession. We have contests occasionally and seasonal events too! 
Though since we are still small and I don’t have a lot of time, things are a little slow. Plus I’m doing all this for free, I’m not making profit off of it either. But I hope to make it as active as it can be, I’m currently making a new website for it and I’m developing the lore a little more. I’m also working on Knight classes at the moment!
sorry to comment again, but it seems i can't submit to the halloween folder? i'm submitting to contests temporarily, i hope that's okay and i'm sorry for the extra trouble this is gonna cause you ;;
Ohh sorry! I forgot that making new folders doesnt allow submissions automatically...
I think its fixed now! :D
hey - i just submitted my entry for the adventures with May bit, but it wasn't letting me submit it to the right folder? really sorry about that - idk if it was on my end or not, likelyhood is that it is thou gh --
It's ok! I moved it into the correct folder