My 1st - A Double Dozen Dangerous Deviations

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I've been planning on writing this journal entry for a while. My first one, where I wanted to celebrate something that has been very inspiring for me, as an artist.I love deviantART!
One of the things I've found absolutely amazing and wonderful on this site is the range and scope of art, and how easy it is to discover. Just click, click, click...OMG MOAR POEMS! I've spent hours trawling through different groups, gallery and favourite collections, utterly enthralled with the beauty, the weird and the just plain wacky. This is probably old news for some of you. We join sites like this for different reasons and initially I was just after some feedback as I'm self-taught. But I've found a lot more than that, most of it good, some not. Just like people I guess.:hooray:
Anyway, I wanted to celebrate by sharing with you some of my favourites. I really enjoy the journal features that other deviants put out, and I thought I'd feature a Dozen Dangerous Deviations, maybe once a month. But I had too much difficulty choosing just 12, so for my 1st feature I've chosen 24. I hope you enjoy... 

<da:thumb id="78323548"/>

earth. by LadyxZero<da:thumb id="368831040"/>

Mature Content

no title 123 by ABrito

<da:thumb id="340146916"/> Open your eyes (print version) by PixieCold The Mockingjay by PixieCold

So, if you haven't seen them before, please check these out.

All the best and happy drawing/painting/snapping/clicking/whatever,
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Thanks a lot! Is there a reason why you're calling the collection dangerous deviations?^^
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You're very welcome! I called it 'dangerous' because they are dangerously good, dangerous to my peace of mind, sometimes dangerous to my health because they nearly gave me a heart attack 1st time I looked at them.=D But most importantly I wanted to call it something starting with D, so I could have my DDD, or DDDD if I had 24.(I don't really have too much free time on my hands;))
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Thank you very much for the feature! :hug:
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You are so welcome. I have loved and admired your art and talent for years. You have such a unique and gorgeous style.:love:
I hope your postdoc is going well, and I'm glad to see you still have time for your art. From personal experience, I find all that right-brain activity really helps us do better science.=D Best wishes.
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Thank you very much! :hug:
I personally find it exhausting at times - it sometimes feels like either art or science is taking the entire toll on my creativity. But hey, I just try to alternate between highly productive science weeks and highly productive art weeks (hello, bibliography and routine data maintenance!). :D
Best to you as well!
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thank you very much my dear! :heart:
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You're very welcome, you're art is so inspirational!:hug:
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Thanks for the lovely feature :hug:
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You're welcome, it's thoroughly deserved!:clap:
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thanks for the feature :)
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You're welcome!:wave:
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Thanks for featuring my work - really appreciate it :)
FaeryWing's avatar
You're very welcome.:w00t:
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Thank you for featuring my drawing! It's an honor to be included amongst such amazing art. :)
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You're very welcome. It was fun putting these pieces together!:boogie:
gdpr-22514181's avatar
And amazing feature! :love:
gdpr-22514181's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my drawing! :thanks:
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You're very welcome, it's totally deserved! :clap:
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