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Sparkle Brush set

By faerykisses
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sparkles! okay.. second set of brushes... again, comments would be very welcome. for the GIMP.
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mmm lo voy a probar!
gracias por tu trabajo y saludos desde Honduras
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I USED IT HERE. AMAZING BEUSHES. THANX :) Dreamy Girl by Partista7886
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The sparkles are really awesome~ May I use them? I'll definitely credit you!
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I cant actually open it v.v
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I used these brushes here [link]
Thanks! :D
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They are really nice. I have windows though. It lets me download them, but my GIMP won't take the file.
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thank you! these are super :)
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Hi There :wave:
I have featured your brushes in my recent "brush feature" journal. You can view it at the link below:


Thank you for sharing your resources with us :thanks: If you'd rather not be featured in this manner just let me know - otherwise keep up the great work! (I am aware that some of my features converted the brushes and didn't create them from scratch - rest assured I am giving credit to both the artist AND the lovely deviant who converts brushes for fellow deviants to use!)

Warm Regards
Sandi :heart:
aka `oibyrd

PS - Please forgive the impersonal cut-and-paste message - all a part of time management!
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I used this here: [link] . Thanks!
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Hi, geek here. The reason people are having trouble is because the file is a .gz, which can only be opened in linux. (maybe Vista, but w/e) You should save and upload it as a .zip instead so everyone can use it.
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it dosn't work :(
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yay thank you :)
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Very cool brush! I've been looking all over for a brush like this!:)
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okay ppls.. apparently DA is renaming the file you download for some reason. i'll try to get this fixed.
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Hi everyone, I think this is a wonderful brush but i cant seem to get it open when i save it, it tells me to put in who created this and it gives me a list of stuff recently used. I did download a cloud one well but this one no.. Please help im new and im using GIMP.
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O_O its not downloading right
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i'm sorry it's not dowloading right :-/ i don't know why some people have a problem and some people don't.
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Thank you!It is that a needed:clap:
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