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You'd think with the semester over I'd have more free time to get some artsy stuff dine, but NOOOOOOO!  LOL  I'm trying though, maybe this week I will have some time to crank something out.
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I've been gone for a while, school's been keeping me busy as heck, but the semester is over and it's time to get this puppy updated!  I plan to add a bunch of stuff from this semester to my profile. :)
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Well, got my LASIK on Tuesday and feeling much better today.  I CAN SEE!!!  What a wonderful feeling!  If anyone out there is considering it, GO FOR IT!!!  
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I keep trying to get back into here but life keeps pushing me back again.  I've been busy the past few months but instead of trying to play catch-up on here I will just point you here pixie-creativejourneys.blogspo… and if you're interested you can see what I've been doing.
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Well, a lot of time has passed since I have really been able to be here.  I've been super busy with family and my crafts but now I hope to be able to settle down and get back to creating.
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On one of the club message boards I occasionally join in on raffles and I actually WON one of them!  It's so exciting I just had to share!!!
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I've been making little faeries and creating art.  Just need to get some stuff on here to share.

Cold weather is coming and I am ready to hibernate.

Had more work done in my mouth yesterday and I feel like I was chewing a porcupine in the left side of my mouth.  Other than that...  
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{doing the happy dance}  I'm going to start making flower faeries today!  

My class starts today!  Horay!
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I am taking Paula's Flower Faerie class… and just can't wait to get started!  Woo Hoo!!!
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Just need a place to talk.  My ex father-in-law was taken off life support yesterday and as predicted passed on. My ex-husband (the ever rock) is trying to keep himself together for our daughter who we decided should not know until this evening.  Wanted her to finish her first week of school off before telling her.  I'm trying to hold it together until then (something I am not know for doing) and it's really hard.  He was a really good man.  This is so hard.

To top it off yesterday evening the school "lost" our daughter.  Her first day.  She was found, got on the wrong bus, but we went nearly an hour without knowing where she was.  This was right after I heard the other news.  

I'm losing it... :crazy:
I learned something really cool at Pennsic, it is needle felting.  I have made 3 small people so far… and I am currently working on a larger piece, but I am not sharing him until he is done. :D

Hoping to finish settling in some day soon so I can start on another drawing as well.

Oh, for those that would like to see them, here's the pictures from our vacation…
I have been busy sewing garb for my wee ones and giving a try and hand drawing again.  I kinda gave up on it after the pain got too bad but I just have to do it again.

I also started my very first batch of mead yeasterday!  How exciting, it is even bubbling.  WOOOO!

Well, off to work.
Well, I have been absent for a while.  Between family vacations, events, and illness my time has been full.  I think I am going through a rebirth so to say.  For the longest time (9 years) I have put "me" on a back burner and put everything else (ie. kids) first.  I have neglected "me" for too long and now I wish to reclaim "me."  I plan to start fighting again in the SCA (for those that don't know I put on armor and fight with rattan weapons…), I am going to update my wardrobe to show off my still sexy qualities (back, and legs LOL) and new tattoo, I've cut my hair and will be henna dieing it tomorrow...  I plan to start writing again, and perhaps even draw a little.  I nearly forgot who I was, and I can't let that happen.

Now that I have said this, I am going to go over and add a couple poems I wrote this morning.

Christopher Eccleston is no longer going to be The Doctor. :crying:
<doing a happy dance> Taylor WON!!!   Wooooo!  Go Soul Patrol!
So the president is going on about the whole illigal alien thing and allowing them to do temp. work and such.  Yet he's allowing companies to take work away from American workers and send it overseas.  Is he up for re-election?  If so I sure as he77 will not be voting for him!
:steaming: BernzOmatic is moving overseas :steaming:  Yet another "made in the USA" company sells out!  WTF?  Like the country isn't going into the :shithappens:hole already, more and more companies are moving overseas for cheap labor, taking work away from Americans!  Gee, lets screw the economy a little more!  

Sorry, I think that is the most vulgarity that has come from me in years but it really irks me!

:deep breath: and now back to your regularly scheduled programs...
I made a mermaid doll… yesterday and I am about to post a pic of her here.  Next one will be better, it was my first time with the pattern (one of Paula's and I made the mistake of using felt for the tail which after sewing it up realized there was no easy way to turn it inside out.
Once again my birthday comes,
Just another day.
I forgot about the special ones,
When I was able to play.
Back before house and kids,
Before responsibility set in.
All the wild things we did,
Oh how we lived in sin.

Older, and tamed,
Mild and lame,
Neverland here I come.
Just wishing all a happy v-day! :love: