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July 28, 2014
[Stock & Resources] Fancy Fairy Iridescent Bee Fairy Wings Stock by FaeryAzarelle is a beautiful resource set created especially for use in your fantasy artwork, inspired by FaeryAzarelle's beautiful, real life creations.

Suggested by several deviants.
Featured by Elandria
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Fancy Fairy Iridescent Bee Fairy Wings Stock

*Edit 7/13/16 This file will now be offered in my main store rather than as DA Premium Content, so go here to purchase: fancy-fairy-wings-things.mysho…

I am also offering a PNG file of just the green wings as a reward for all of my $1 Patrons on Patreon here:
You just have to sign up for the $1 a month subscription, which will include more goodies as time goes on and will support my extra projects such as flapping wings and fairy photo shoots.

For the first time, I am offering stock PSD files of one of my real life wing designs! Since my wings have been copied and used as stock offerings without my permission often enough, I figured if I can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? This is a high resolution file of 4 sets of wings, each of which can be used in numerous combinations to create different wing poses and colors. The wings are all in multiple layered form with blending options applied to create the ideal iridescent and transparent look. They are a combination of a photo of my real life wings and lots of careful masking and painting. The veins are on their own separate layers so their colors can easily be changed. Though I must have accidentally left a couple of the vein layers transparent 

If you use this stock in your art you MUST credit Fancy Fairy Wings & Things / or if displaying here, FaeryAzarelle. Please link back to me whenever possible and let me know you've used it because I would love to see :)
*Edit 1/23 When I say I MUST be credited, this applies EVERYWHERE in case that was not clear. At least one person has used this and insisted that credit is not required outside of DA if the stock was bought here. That is absolutely NOT the case! It's even more important that I be credited outside of this site. It is a requirement whether or not you believe you know what copyright law says about it. Period. From this day forward, any images using this stock that have obviously omitted credit and your page has a pattern of omitting all credit for stock with known rules you will lose the privilege of using my stock forever after. If you can make digital art, you can read. If you can't read, you should not be posting anything publicly using other people's work. Make sure the person actually reading this relays it to the person who can't, if that's the case. If you post without credit, you risk being reported and losing any future privileges.

NOT for redistribution! This can not be offered again as stock anywhere or offered on any 3D virtual platform as wings in Second Life™, Inworldz, Sims, Kitely or any others in existence.
*edit 10/29/15 Redistribution also means please don't offer the work you've done with my stock to a third party to make another derivative from without my permission and most certainly without credit.

You may use this in art created to sell as prints as long as I am credited on the item's sale page, but if the quantity sold will be more than 1,000 copies please contact me to arrange for a licensing agreement.

Please also contact me first if you want these for any commercial use, it is otherwise not allowed
Please make art with these, for example don't just change the colors and then offer it as a print or stock where the wings are the primary focus without much else. Make it your own and be creative.

Do not use for imagery promoting racism, sexism or other form of hate, or in pornographic imagery.

*Member maryneim and her other profile maryneim2 are not permitted to use this stock due to past repeated infringement of my work. If anyone does see work coming from that profile using either this stock or any of my non-stock images please contact me and let me know.

Well I think I have covered everything! Have fun, and I can't wait to see what you create with my wings!
© 2014 - 2021 FaeryAzarelle
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TinaLouiseUk's avatar
TinaLouiseUk's avatar
Used your beautiful wings here :) x

Mature Content

Fairy Princess Alisa by TinaLouiseUk

JaiMcFerran's avatar

I used this piece here:

The Faerie and The Fox by JaiMcFerran

Many thanks :)
SoundsAwesone's avatar
These are gorgeous!
AmethystRaven-Art's avatar
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IMG 0703-Editweb by ashclindsay   Here are your wings in action! Just absolutely love these!! Thank you.  
FaeryAzarelle's avatar
Lovely work, thank you for sharing :)
Wesley-Souza's avatar
MagicAngel8773's avatar
I used here Fairys Day by MagicAngel8773 thank you!
FaeryAzarelle's avatar
This is so lovely, I'm glad the wings were useful <3
MagicAngel8773's avatar
I used your wonderful wings here Lovely Marsfairy by MagicAngel8773 thank you!
Wickedwitch19's avatar
thank you for your stock. I used it here

Witch's Desk by Wickedwitch19
JassysART's avatar
used your amazing stock here Fairy Leyla by Jassy2012  thanks so much for sharing  :hug: 
FaeryAzarelle's avatar
And thank you for sharing the finished pieces :D
JassysART's avatar
used your amazing stock here   My sweet Fairy by Jassy2012  thanks so much for sharing  :hug: and I wish you a nice weekend
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AWPhotography607's avatar
Many thanks! I have used this here:

The Sisterhood by AWPhotography607
AWPhotography607's avatar
Thank you for sharing! I have used this here:
The Musicians Muse by AWPhotography607
AmethystRaven-Art's avatar
Blood and Tears... by AmethystRaven-Art  Used here. Thank you, =)
JassysART's avatar
used your amazing stock here  Proud Fairy by Jassy2012  thanks so much for sharing :hug: and I wish you a happy new year
Lormet-Images's avatar
Gorgeous stock, definitely deserving of the Daily Deviation you received for this wonderful stock! 
JassysART's avatar
used your amazing stock here  Night Fairy by Jassy2012  thanks so much for sharing  :hug: merry christmas
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