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Trendy Graffiti Text Tutorial

My first tutorial! I Hope you find it useful. There aren't many Illustrator tutorials out there. (Compared to Photoshop)

Download the PDF.
Comments and questions are welcome.
Arista font from Dafont [link]

Update: Edited for spelling
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I found this tutorial so helpful! I made a picture inspired by my brothers' obsession with the guitar, and this text style was perfect :) thanks!
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I love it! and i cannot whait until you upload a new tut in illustrator.
But i'm wondering what is the name of the font you used to write everything else?
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Fonts are:
"Complete in Him" from Dafont [link]
"5 Cent" from [link]
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Hey man, you got a tut on making those rays in the bg?
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They're not hard to make. You can either make an elongated triangle and use the rotate tool + copy/duplicate, or you can download a pre-made vector shape from a free vector website. I have a pre-made one that I use over and over again.
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Thanks. Good tutorial anyway.
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Thats cool! 1: never knew there was a 3D option in Illustrator 2: I agree, there isn't much Illustrator resource & tutorials here... yet :)

Great help, thanks!
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Oh yes, Illustrator can do quite a bit in 3D! Play with the 3D options, it's loads of fun. I plan on adding more vector tutorials in the future.
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sweet, looking forward to seeing them :D
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you're right, compared to photoshop, there aren't many illustrator tutorials. didn't think of that until you mentioned it. There's tools in illustrator I need to start Thanks for making the tut.!
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No prob! This tutorial might be tricky if you're -just- starting Illustrator. I almost only use Illustrator now for things like making posters and web-graphics. I like the idea of no resolution. Also, the pen tool isn't the same as Photoshop and it's a lot more intuitive. The text tool is a dream in Illustrator. I guarantee you'll never add text with Photoshop again!

My next tutorial will be on how to make patterns. However making complicated patterns I'd say is an advanced tutorial.
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Vectors are That's why I use it more so I can incorporate more stuff in Flash. I only use Photoshop for coloring nowadays.

Yeah, the pen tool is definitely different, being I like Illustrator's A LOT better.

Sweet. :c) Patterns. As in template patterns or patterns to use within a whole document tantamount to Photoshop's?
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Illustrator has a patterns swatch pallet. You use patterns to fill shapes or even strokes. It's a heck of a lot easier to create a seamless pattern in Illustrator. It's immensely useful. You can import them into Photoshop.
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