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My art gallery consists of photography, traditional art, digital art, fan art, and so on. Enjoy my gallery! :D

Do not steal, recolor, or trace over my artwork. You want an art so bad, learn to draw it yourself. Create your own stuff, don't take someone else.


Zoe - 5 More Views by SwiftCreekPhotos
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Zoe - 5 More Views :iconswiftcreekphotos:SwiftCreekPhotos 754 55
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Jul 20, 2018
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Jul 20, 2018
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Jul 20, 2018
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Jul 19, 2018
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Jul 19, 2018
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Request Progress

1. :iconzefrenchm: Draw Shelley and Bubbles from Jabberjaw underwater
Progress Bar: Purple - 100% - F2U by Drache-Lehre

2. :iconurvy1a: EG Pinkie Pie as gymnast
Progress Bar: Purple - 100% - F2U by Drache-Lehre

3. :iconcyberfox: Spike and Rarity on a date(Spike with same height as Rarity)
Progress Bar: Purple - 80% - F2U by Drache-Lehre

4. :iconsekicion: Her character, Cleo in a desert
Progress Bar: Purple - 20% - F2U by Drache-Lehre

5. :iconver2k0: His character, Linda Petridis working on a dress while listening to music on a CD player.
Progress Bar: Purple - 100% - F2U by Drache-Lehre


Note on my Critique Box

I want my critique's to be harsh and blunt on my critique box, not praise. Why? I want to get better at drawing humans and animals. I don't want to move on unless someone points out my mistakes so I can fix them and not repeat them again in the future.

If any of you watchers get upset at the deviants that were giving me a harsh critique's that I asked for and accuse them of 'trolling', I would not hesitate to chew you out for your behavior and block you from my page. You are not gonna stop me and anyone else from getting better just because you can't take critique's yourself and believed that me and everyone should not get better, just to make yourself feel good about yourself. I will keep my eyes on the critique boxes and comments in case if any of you get butthurt about it.


As for critiquer's, if any of you get attacked by my watchers or anyone else just for giving me a harsh critique, please note me who they are so I can deal with them myself.

KRITEEK by paramoreSUCKS Ass-pat critique by paramoreSUCKS


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Photoshop Stamp by mushir illustrator cs3 stamp by starprints Adobe Flash CS3 Stamp by angelslain Dreamweaver Stamp by mushir
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I love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemist

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Binge watching Dragonball and Dragonball Z, anyone here is fan of those series? :3 

12 deviants said Yes!
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GIF My Little Pony - Wink 
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HearseGurl Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018   Photographer
I love your gallery and wondered where you go to get those classic ponies for sale like your Pony Table pic? That is amazing and I love your gallery, I need to do this with my collection one day as well.
And glad to see we are of the same generation even though I am a little older than you, it's still awesome! :love:
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zeochan Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018   General Artist
Thanks for the llama badge :)!
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I have to be totally honest with you.  I don't know what your thoughts are now on The Last Jedi, and I don't mind if you still enjoy anything about the movie, but the film itself... isn't really for me anymore.

One of my main beefs is that whereas Episode VII gave me a lot to look forward to as a setup film for the Sequel Trilogy, but then they're kind of just swept under the rug in part 2.  E.g., I would have loved to know how Supreme Leader Snoke had enough resources and used them well enough to still have an army to fight with right after Starkiller Base got destroyed.  But before we could get that closure, he dies a bitch-death, having been just a blatant cardboard cut-out of Emperor Palpatine.
Another is what you've probably been getting from others who hated the film, but I just can't stand what the film did to Luke Skywalker's character.  If you remember Luke's journey from the beginning of A New Hope to the end of Return of the Jedi, Luke had grown past predisposition to fall for dark side tricks, and became more lighthearted after redeeming his father AND seeing his force ghost alongside Obi Wan and Yoda.  But then Episode VIII eventually takes the character Luke grew into, and 180's it into him being a grumpy old curmudgeon who turned Ben Solo into Kylo Ren by falling prey to the fear of the dark side.  And need I add that Mark Hamill wasn't thrilled by this either; that says a lot, considering Mark is Luke!

And do I need to bring up how director Rian Johnson reacted to the long-time SW fans who also cared about the Classic Trilogy and for similar reasons hated TLJ? If not for said reaction, I'd get past the film being poorly written.  But then clues started coming up that Rian was disrespecting long-time SW fans intentionally, making me hate the film even more.  I promise, Maggie, this isn't slander or me trying to defame Rian just for writing a movie that doesn't appeal to my views as a SW fan.  He called everyone who hated TLJ "manbabies," and recently on Twitter he called them "assholes" and declared himself to have blocked them.  It was for that reason I didn't go to see Solo: A Star Wars Story (instead I stayed home and started reading The Paradise Snare by A.C. Crispin), and started having second thoughts about seeing how the Sequel Trilogy ends.

Now, fans are on strike, refusing to do business with Lucasfilm since Rian Johnson started calling SW fans names; film staff and other major SW contributors are accusing TLJ haters of being racist or sexist; Rat-Face-Rian is planning a new SW trilogy IN DIRECT SPITE OF the backlash; and Lucasfilm pres. Kathleen Kennedy isn't just allowing all this, but promoting it by saying what might as well have been that all the male SW fans don't matter (misandry, much?!).  Because of which, either the fans will succeed, or Lucasfilm will go out of business.  If the latter happens, the good news is that I'll still have SW Legends books and Knights of the Old Republic on my XBox to enjoy.  The narratives bearing that banner are formerly canonical expansions of the SW universe; however, the writers of those novels know what Star Wars is AND should always be, and it shows in their fun, engaging storytelling: Star Wars is a mythos put together with entertaining and gripping character-driven stories inspired by myths and literature; whereas Kathleen Kennedy is now turning it into a, for lack of better phrase, political mouthpiece for a left-wing nut to impose her views on you.

Which sounds more like the Star Wars you've always known and enjoyed, Maggie? And again, you're free to see and enjoy whatever Star Wars movie comes out; you may enjoy Attack of the Clones for all I care! But just know that Kathleen, Rian and other current major Lucasfilm contributors deserve as little pay as possible for their antagonistic reactions to legitimate criticism of their films.

Sorry you had to hear all this negativity, but for posterity's sake I just had to convey this dilemma to you.
Hello again! I haven't talked to in a long time since that Sally fanbrat, who thankfully went away. Though, I recently had a bad experience with another one. Remember the user Everyonemakesmistakes (aka sleaveheralone and Sammi Latola)? She hasn't changed at all (she got worse) and said some really horrible stuff about Amy. I would repeat it but it was just so horrible, like I couldn't believe she said it. She's what I would call a Sally nazi. I know you have that club about Sally fanbrats, so I thought I just tell you. This Sally vs Amy is really tired and old now. 
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NeonaItsumi Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional General Artist
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