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Bustcommissions by faerie-daze

more info in the link of why it's an emergency, this links to my fantroll blog but it is not limited to fantrolls
Comission Info Banner by faerie-daze

“good enough” and “fuck it”

“good enough” is when you are working on something and are happy with most of it but can live with a few imperfections, useful when needing to move on from sketch to inking/coloring or what have you.

“fuck it” is when you absolutely hate what you’re doing every step of the way but you post it anyways, very useful during art blocks.

both are useful to help you move on and not obsess over making it perfect, because art is anything but perfect, even photo realistic artists probably see imperfections that someone else might not catch 

these can also be applied to other things in life

all the tumblrs i run/help run!

- main blog

ludictrolls- my fantroll blog

- my witchcraft blog

fairytalemayor- my animal crossing blog

gemsonacharity- a raffle based blog that features a new fangem/gemsona every week or so for participating artists to make art for, i am a mod!

I am like super chatty on my blogs if you message me and I sometimes do art requests on my fantroll blog. I do a lot of ask memes on my fantroll blog too.
So I’m gonna be opening commissions sooooooonish. I have to figure out prices and stuff first but yeah that’s gonna be a thing. I’m hoping to get them open sooner rather than later. So if you comment on this bugging me about this that would be a big help.
I just got so many notes on my gems, thanks to who ever went through my gallery and asked to put my pictures in those SU groups. Also thanks to the new watchers. Hug 
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casual reminder that i have a tumblr which is updated way more regularly than this, yo

also i totes just shoved everythin before this year in storage whaaaaat
  • Listening to: the tv I'm not paying attention to
  • Watching: Tv (not really)
So I got a frickin tumblr and twitter. Man I hate joining sites the setup and figuring out how to navigate the site is a bitch. I feel fucking tired. Man I'm cussy late at night. Well not as bad as Cole. Yeah. I should go to bed before I start to ramble. Damnit already happened. Oh well so incase anyone was wondering My tumblr is duchess-stephi and my twitter is DuchessStephi Yeah. If anyone would follow me on either that would be awesome. I need to go to bed, I need to get up in the morning for my saturday charity work. I seem to have saturday charity work lately this summer. I need to quit that shit. Or maybe not I do like being nice. Ah fuck it I'm going to bed.
So It really hurts to type right now. Yesterday I went to my venturing meeting and we were playing Red Rover. Yeah I became a target area to break through. then when they sent me over I ran at them and I didn't break through. we all fell in a heap and this guy's knee landed right on my wrist! I thought I broke it at the time. I was crying so much that everyone else thought I broke it. But luckily I didn't I just have a sprained tendon that connects to my pinkie and a bruised joint.

IN OTHER NEWS. I'm havin issues tryin to curl Pinkie Pie's hair. Hopefully my attempt before bed did somethin. She's still up on my dresser waitin to see how her hair turned out.
I GOT MY FIRST PONY! Yeah I'm this happy about it. I got a Pinkie Pie (yes I know that I'm lame).

Anyways, I'm a little mad at it though. Her hair is what's pissin me off, it's not curly enough. It's like she's in between Pinkie Pie and Pinkamina. I'm gonna fix this later by styling it. And I have some other work to do in her as well. I need to put her cutie mark on the other side cause it's only on one. I need to do something about her eyes (they look off to me). and Well that's about it.

The next Thing to do is go get another Pinkie Pie and make a Pinkamina. XD

Then go make some Rainbow Dash cupcakes!

K that's it. Bye! :3
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To all you Americans out there! I got some great shots of fire works and I'm gonna upload when I can. I can still hear them going! :D Man I'm normally so bored on the 4th but this year I had a camera! :D

Now off to baby sit!
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I'm having no problems, but a lot of the people I watch are havin issues with their comments. I'm wonderin what's goin on... What's up with you DA? Well I have been gettin a lot of server errors. And it made me sign in like 3 times this morning. DA seems to been havin issues of late, for every one.
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I was wondering if I colored my pony me what should the color scheme be? I was thinkin about it but I just can't decide.

Some help would be nice.
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Yay! I hit the 4 digits!

Yeah not really something to be so happy about. BUT I AM!!!! :D :D :D :D

Anyways, Need to post more deviations.... Eh I'll do it later.
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I'm bored and someone should tell me what to draw.... I'm havin serious block.
I need an idea to get me started.
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I think that I'm going to make pretty pictures this summer. Because :iconkittypawprince: was complaining that my gallery is empty, and I'm obliged to please my Captain. I need to go to the Michael's near my house to get art supplies. Cause they're closing and there's closing sales!

But I did upload today! :D
Thanks to :iconjokerismyfreak: I now love Oomph. And right now my favorite song has to be Labyrinth. I Like the german version better but I also like the english version. I'm gonna try to learn the lyrics. That'll be hard for me. Oh well.
I watched A Midsummer Night's Dream tonight. With seeing the back stage (Oh my GoD glittery) you would expect more glitter. But over all A good play for a high school play.
Yesterday I had to explain that Darth Vader:jedi: and Anakin Skywalker, were the same person:omfg:. And I had to explain that Yoda is a Jedi master:yoda:. Then I had to explain the meaning of amusing and that it is in fact not a "big word":wtf:.  when I told him that I had a cynical outlook on life the idiot of the year said "What dose that mean" and when i explained that "cynical" meant "A bitter sarcastic:sarcasm: person" He said "Oh you mean a dull person." Then I had to explain that "dull" and "bitter" doesn't mean the same thing.:disbelief:

Let's just say I hate my Photography class right about now...:censored: