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The small kingdom of Cantabelle was founded by a bardic troupe 3,177 years ago. It has had the same ruling family of elves throughout it’s history, Crown Princess Aoede being the 5th generation. The bards worshiped the god Milil, some of whom became Clerics and Paladins of Milil when the kingdom was founded. Milil is still widely worshiped in Cantabelle, but other gods are worshiped as well since people have been immigrating to the kingdom. It is not uncommon for things/places to be named after musical terminology.

Cantabelle is a diverse kingdom in terms of race, although most people go into bardic/artistic professions. There are two other popular professions, tavern/innkeepers and brewers and there are two hard to get in guilds for the respective professions. There are many bard guilds in the kingdom, but there are 4 extremely prestigious guilds: Legato, Impromptu, Grandioso, and Expressionism.

A little over two hundred years ago there was a war between some neighboring kingdoms, threatening to drag Cantabelle into it. Milil himself came down and possessed the king and had a child with the queen to renew faith and morale in the kingdom. The war never came, on the day of the princess’ birth the warring kingdoms signed an accord. In celebration the kingdom held a music festival, which eventually evolved into the Battle of the Bands, a month long festival and contest. The Battle starts on the first of the princess’s birth month and ends on her birthday the 31st. This year the winner(s) of the Battle of the Bands gets to perform at the princess’s coronation.
a history of the kingdom my all bard campaign is set in! 

:iconkirriu: i started working on the campaign we talked about seriously and you said you wanted to see it so i thought i'd mention you
Kirriu Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
oooh this sounds very interesting so far! I like how you incorporated history into the battle of the bands (world building is my true weakness) which could have easily been dismissed as "we do it just because". A heavily artistic kingdom is also a cool concept imo and one you dont really see a lot of since art usually takes a backseat to many other things. This makes me still want to force my group to do an all bard session someday :')

I just recently got to play my satyr bard for the first time so this is definitely appropriate timing (I also got to see what chaotic forces of nature they are so good luck with this endeavor haha) 
faerie-daze Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017
Thanks! I will be posting all of my resources, (maps, characters, homebrew mechanics for band battles) here so you could even use this campaign if you like! I've come up with a few npc's and will be posting their designs and probably linking the npc stats sheets in the descriptions. but yeah i love world building and plotting so this is like a perfect outlet for me.

I really like exploring art focused institutions/culture as a "wow what would it be like if my skills were valued by society instead of sports" kinda thing.

this campaign is def gonna be wild with so many bards. like i'm 6 npcs in and there's not one that's not a bard besides the princess but she's the daughter of a music god so like.
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