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them pussycats is quick

Mrs. Lovett, how I've lived
Without you all these years, I'll never know!

Yeah, Sweeney Todd fanart. I can't help but feel Mrs Lovett has the most moral integrity of the whole cast. Except for you know, the baking people into pies thing... other than that she's great. ;)

most excellent brushes from ~spiritsighs-stock
and actually from ~Falln-Brushes
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:wow: Hey---U have some fine work! Very nice... :clap: :)
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You have a damn impressive gallery yourself. Too bad I can't see half of it for another month. :lmao:
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I will definitely fave more stuff! Fine style... :clap: :)
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hehe, I the epiphany song stuck in my head for a while. Sorta like going crazy except not.
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Whoa, that's awesome! Its all dark and gloomy and stuff. I love how you did the eyes the most.
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Omg, dead sexy :wow:

Most moral? Oho, I think Mrs Lovett is the least 'moralled' person in the whole cast. But that's just me ;)

I love the coloring, oh, and the blood

Bravo :clap:

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At least she sticks to her guns and doesn't have a 'change of heart' at the last moment, even though she has to kill her lil boy. Todd is a pussy. But not the kind what goes in pies. :P
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