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faerie princess

for those of us who never stopped wanting to be a princess, even after we learned to spell it with two esses. ^_^
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Thank you :)
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it's quite impressive. All of her accesories are skillfully intricate. One thing you could do quickly is try to blend the transition from foreground to background really quickly with a hand rail, or establish a subtle vanishing point off in the distance. If you didn't mirror those stone angels, i'm impressed. If you did, I can't tell. The color palette is a little confusing for me, I get mixed emotions from it consequently. I hope i've been some help
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I don't know anything about backgrounds or perspective or vanishing points, which is why I seldom use them. That, and I'm dead lazy. Lazy enough to mirror the stone angels but end up having to paint over one almost entirely due to flaws being more obvious when reflected and whatnot. :blushes: As for the colour palette... yeah I don't know anything about that either. I asked around for something to complement blue, but the general consensus was a less than helpful 'green'. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate it. :)
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for a second i thought i had answered my own question =o
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that's a really beautiful piece! her entire outift is very pretty, especially the skirt and how detailed it is. she's so colorful, she stands out from the background nicely
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Traze, I really admire what you did to her. ^^

It's feels so serene... and verry complexive. ^^
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See, that's what I mean about odd language patterns. I have no idea what complexive might mean, but thanks just the same. :)
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o0o0o, I like ... everything *3*!
From the cob-webbyness see-through material to the beautiful white silk strandy fancy tiara she has.
The wings are lovely! They look like they're tinted a different color in each square. Are they?
I like the dangling orb. The background's super unique too!

Keep it up! I look forward to more =]
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They're tinted in varying shades, from slightly darker than the bodice to a few actually taken from the skirt itself. I'm glad you like it, your critique means a lot to me. :)
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