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bob always has tasteful jewels

A portrait of the band My Chemical Romance in old world vamp style, for a contest. Done extremely fast to meet a deadline, so any errors are my fault (the band isn't really that ugly ;) ) but it's the best I could do in the given time period. 'The Black Masquerade' is just something my brain vomited up on a whim.

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frank+dress=awesome XD
Revenge-Leader1's avatar
That's like scary good. Totally awesome
Chocoreaper's avatar
now why didnt I think of diz b4?
kungpowkitten's avatar
Frank is PERFECT. xD thanks for making me laugh
FREAKIN-InSaNiTy's avatar
heh go the crossdressin best fun u can have with pants onXD
blackphoenix14's avatar
BOB,stop making me laugh so hard.
taintedxacid's avatar
XD omg... that's awesome.
leprecorn-jj's avatar
MimiKraw's avatar
THATS AMAZING hahaha hilarious!!! i loveit soo so so soo much ^^
MCRDez's avatar
oo my like! Woo you workin that dress frank XD. they look cool specially geegee. Nice pic
TikTac's avatar
Is it weird that I think Bob looks hot in drag?

Anywho, the coloring on this is gorgeous. All of the effects and the expressions are incredible and I absolutely love the shading :3
Filthy-Lil-Mudblood's avatar
I absolutely LOVE Gerard and Frank's expressions and poses. I love Bob's dress and jewelry. (My goodness, that was so weird to say in a sentence.)
lightspell's avatar
:heart: :heart:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SkullKid13's avatar
I'm loving DRAG!Bob'n'Frank.

Especially Bob.

Bob is hot in drag. I don't know why he doesn't do it more often.
faer's avatar
Because gerard punishes him with a bamboo switch if bob even puts nailpolish on. he doesn't like the other band members being more effeminate than him (he considers mikey and frankie to be women anyway so they don't count). :nod:
SkullKid13's avatar
Hell, even I consider Mikey and Frank to be women.
xiooh9314's avatar
damn! you were really bored

anyway the drawing is beautiful....specially the dresses
Anrathebadangel's avatar
nice idea! :XD:
undefinedromance89's avatar
it's just kind of creepy how bob and frank are in dresses.
MrsIer0's avatar
it amazing .. but i think you should have let bob and frank be man .. i think it would me even better but it's a great crazy idea ^^
bryarcat's avatar

lol,thats cool

why did you put Bob and Frank in dresses xD???
faer's avatar
well, why not? ;)
bryarcat's avatar
i think it was better if you put Mikey and frank or mikey and gerard in dresses xD

but i still think it's cool
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