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Professor Peculiar

For Sabin Duvert's art contest. [link] I'm so weird. u_u

edit: LOLZ IT WUN!!1
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Aha! I remember this.
It's always been very amusing to me.
I got runner up in characterization in this contest, so I noted yours more than anybody else's, haha. Small world.

-this is Tilly Wink, btw- /endstalk.
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:D Sabin did have an excellent contest, eh? I doubt mine could compare.
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It was a great contest :nod:
I enjoyed yours just as much, though :D
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heck. fucking. yes. rotkäppchen.
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Hmm.... there's sumthn peculiar about this... :evileye:

lol, anyways, the detail in this is awesome, especially in the coloring. The board smudges, the fades on his jeans, the wood... :XD:
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HOMG! Faer, that is ~fantastic~!! I LOVE all of the little 'easter eggs' in the piece, and Sabin looks so tottally characterstic here ^____^. I've been wanting a piece like this for a long time <3
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Wonderful that you like it! The details are there because it hit four am and I was like "ah hell, why not." :p
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