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Dont fly too far

This is for my sister Shayna, or ~ amazonminime as she's called around here. Happy Birthday. Sixteen is a hell of alota years in my book. But dear sister, before you come and hit me for doing this, theres some semi-sentimental crap that needs to be said...

I know you might be leaving school in a year or two, leaving me to battle the horrors of highschool and darling little Melody alone.

I know that you're getting older, wiser and probably more mature then me (insert sarcastic glare).

I know I'm your bratty little sister who never shuts up (I'm biting my tounge right now; it hurts) but I just wanted to remind you that though I'm happy for you to spread your wings, even fly away abit, please don't fly too far... :heart:

I also know that you're dying of embarressment right :aww:

anyways, sweet sixteen.

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This is awesome; I couldn't really say such glowing things about the relationship between me and my brother, but hey - it's nice to think about getting it working better.
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This is a really old piece, I hate my sister now. May she burn in hell.
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Oh, right. We're on common ground then. :D
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Except that I lied.
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I figured as such - but I'm nice and accommodating n' all, so I went with the "humour the statement" road.

...and it's early in the morning on my day off. What am I doing up?
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Aww, you're so good to me. I like to think of this as my life off, so it doesn't really matter if I get up at four am or four pm. :p
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A life off... I'm intrigued by your idea and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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Sure! That'll be just $5.99, your house and contents, your mother, your left arm, your right foot and your little dog too.
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This is just great and so adorable in every way, if I did this kind of stuff for my sisters they'd love me, no wonder they keep me in a cage and feed me cheese.. now everything comes into perspective *gasp*
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Awwww... this is so touching! Aww I wish I had that type of relationship with my lil' bro! ^^

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That's so sweet.
And the colouring is good too!

Y'know, I always thought you were a guy until I read the description and found out you're someone's sister... Strange huh?
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