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Anna Perenna

Anna, I forgot your birthday. I'm sorry. There are no excuses. I have the memory of a goldfish on crack and I should be SHOT for forgetting something so important about a best friend. :(
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Well all Jaybar gets is a bunch of complaints from violated friends!!!

And Jaybar loves it <3
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i know you discouraged critique but i'd really like to see you spend more time picking your palette and a little more time defining bigger value areas so you don't end up with lines on top of spaces. and jesus christ i've seen you do some wierd things but that cat is absolutely horrifying
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The cheshire cat scares me greatly. I can't convey with mere words how scary i find the concept of a grinning cat, so i tried to do it with my pixels. dunno what the rest of that means, but i'll do my damndest to follow your advice nonetheless. :confused:
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Waw, that's really sumthn. Especially the girl's hair. The detailed coloring of it is amazing. It's like you colored the hair, strand by strand. XD :worship:

lol on the little thingies too. :lol:
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I get kinda weird about details, yeah. ^^;
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Hehe... yeah, I noticed. :XD:
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*Still gonked* No matter how much I stare at it I never get sick of it. It's beautiful and I love it so much, almost as much as I love you. =P
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I really like the way you did hair! Usually, strand-by-strand doesn't look that great, or at least to me, but this looks exceptionally well! Now if only this was like Final Fantasy and I could learn skills. *sigh*
It reminds me much of Alice in Wonderland. The purple cat, the hearts, the crown, blonde hair blue eyes... all that jazz. Intentional?
Ohh, I just noticed the sneaky "Happy Birthday" message. =D I remember when I used to put little hidden messages in my art, mainly the name of this guy I loved and little heart messages. Until I realised it was all hormones. Then my life crash-burned and I rebirthed as a new person.

I like the use of strong and bright colors! You should try painting. You need good color uses like that for acrylics =] *high fives*

I think you're improving a lot! Great work, and keep it up!
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Yeah, I themed it alice in wonderland because that's what I was talking to her about instead of saying happy birthday. :doh: The psychedelic colours are supposed to reflect that a bit. Thanks for the comment, very much appreciated. :heart:
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