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It seems I've been much more active than I thought I'd be able to be. I'm currently trying to get back into writing some each week for practice and restated my Pokemon fanfiction writing as a way to jump into it.

I'm not sure if I'll be starting it publicly yet or not, maybe once I've done a few chapters and feel like I can keep it active.

I'm also thinking of getting back into commissioned work but building up a fan base again after many years break is rough.  I guess I'll see how things go once I fix up my terms of service and pricing. Maybe it's time to actually upgrade to a core membership.
I'm still around but don't update here much. More likely to find me keeping my facebook page for my art updated. <3
Taking an "art" break to pick up on some crafting that needs to get done. It's freaking cold out there suddenly, even here in a part of New Mexico where it doesn't really snow. Making the family some hats and scarves to make outings more bearable.

It takes me about a day per scarf so I'm probably going to be about a week doing everything. x_x Wish me luck. My fingers already feel rope burned from the two I've made so far.
I'm planning on doing a set of pokemon chibis in the style of my featured art of Sylveon! I plan on making the set into magnets for my 5 year old to play with with the possibility of having them available for sale once I test the waters with how expensive making these little buggers will be.
Trying to find more time to draw, I'm really hoping to get back into commissions at some point near the start of next year!

For now I'm working on getting back into making time and working on art a bit more seriously for the next few months. I want to build up a "current art" portfolio before asking for paid work.

I try to check DA at least once every couple days for messages, if you note me or comment and don't get a reply quickly, I apologize in advance and should get to you soon as I can.…