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I've been drawing on and off since I could hold a crayon, my mother's old kitchen and coffee tables tell quite the tale of "art with a sharpie" on their undersides from when I was really little and quite rebellious.

I am an extremely introverted person who has a very hard time talking with strangers. I will always reply to direct messages! But I'm sometimes extremely awkward talking with people I don't know.

I appreciate every single fave and comment given to me! I am sometimes terrible about returning the favor because of the aforementioned awkwardness, I always feel like I'm going to say something that a person might not take the right way or pass off short thank yous as an I-don't-care, when I actually do care.

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arti.. its um.. "dew" aka dewgong. lol. random, right?!? i'd love to catch up. my name on nearly all social media is b3ccuh. find me...
Oh dear =( I'm not much of a social media bum, I use facebook and that's about it. I've not touched DA in ages aside my random appearances over the past several years.

If you wanna hit me up via email though you can catch me at faeore@gmail.com
thx arti.. ive moved on to insta only.. fb so gross. @b3ccuh 
Then were you ever a member of Articuno Island? xP

I found this page by going on bulbapeida, then Ice Pheonix, then this out of boredom, you're a great artist btw.
P.S. The internet is a scary place.
Very late reply cause I don't mind my DA much nowadays, but I owned ArticunoIsland.com =p
So >.> This might be an incredibly random question... but were you ever a member of a forum called 'The Fiction Fortress' ?
I'm pretty late in this reply, but nope :3 Never was.

There's an impostor running around who's been pretending to be me for years, so it's possible it was her.