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Sirrus is feeling grand

Sirrus is feeling grand!

- Or a random day on Stoneship... -

And people, people, I just... drew an actual background!!! OMG I can't believe it, it nearly killed me, I must have been out of my mind - well, whatever. It is drawn now! Phew! :faint: :D
Still, many thanks to the inventor of digital shading, cuz this is about the only reason this looks right. Oh, and many thanks to the sea too, for not being as hellish to draw as I had expected it to be. :O_o: How comes? dunno, don't care. :paranoid:

Dear Sirrus-fans :icontariamofthepez: and :iconuberlutra:, consider this an early present! :christmas: Merry Christmas! -or merry anything else that is celebrated at this time of the year and which name I am too dorkish to know :blush:

Enjoy! ;)
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I totally wanted to sleep on Sirrus' bed in that age.
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"This isn't funny anymore."
- Atrus, "I Am Myst Island (And You Can Too)"
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*Dies* I LOVE Sirrus!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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Aww :D

He would love to be loved that much, I guess ;)
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:D btw I just found his face book page!!!!!!! [link]
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Aww! ain't it awesome?...

I wonder if they created a page for the character himself... they did so for luke and vador after all XD
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Oh geez! :wow: That's great, our dear old Sirrus is famous :D

I wonder why "Caliga", though...
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Indeed he is! :D And yes, I couldn't figure out his last name...
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Hahah, awesome! XD
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:XD: contente que ça te plaise!
J'aime bien les deux frangins, ils sont tellement barrés... :D
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Hihi, oui, moi aussi! ^^
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Oh my lordy... I could actually see that!

And Achenar called Sirrus 'bro.' Ha!
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I guess Achenar would do anything to annoy Sirrus, and Sirrus would probably work along the same lines... :paranoid:

Glad this made you laugh! :D And thank you!
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I guess he's in a good day...
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Hahaha! I love this.
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Aww- thank you very much for faving, Fenzer! :dance: :D
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Sure thang. ^^
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LOL. He's in high heaven. ;)
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Not for long, if you know that fic.
There was no gold. :(

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Oh, I believe he has enough of it already, you know...

(the problem is, he doesn't.)
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