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We rock. Really, we do. I'm impressed. :sarcasm:
If only we didn't rock too much for our own good... :paranoid:

OK, just a bit of fun, an idea that went through my mind and wouldn't leave :D
Poor Gehn looks a little underfed, but well. Let's blame jealousy! :XD:

I don't own Myst, I don't own Gehn (honestly, what could I do of him? -_-), I don't even own Earth whereas I'm treading on it. How unfair.
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It's so true, though! Gah for humanity, holes in the ozone layer and all that...
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Yup. :thumbsdown: humanity. :upset:
(then again, if we are too stupid to see that we're sawing the branch on which we're sitting, I guess you could call that "natural selection"... -_-")
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Yeah, we have mad skills like that.

... waiiit...

Ahh, Ghen. Somehow I think he'd be able to fuck it up without the descriptive book, too. He sure made a mess of Riven's society when he was actually THERE...

But he sings nicely so I can't hate him too much.
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:XD: yeah, he can sing, one must admit that.

Still, I say that we beat him. He only ruined one little island society without the help of the book, we're destroying the whole planet. And come to think of it, it is not even sure he could have gained the Rivenese's fearful respect if he hadn't had access to the book...
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This is all true.

Then again, he is only one man: we are billions of idiots! woo!

... or something.
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Feeeear Plante Idiocy!!! 8D :ohmygod:
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SarilaneHobbyist Digital Artist
So true. And Gehn is wonderful. (Well, -he- isn't wonderful per se, but you know what I mean...)
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I understand, don't worry! :XD:
And I thank you! (and for the fave, too :dance:)
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Sadly true...

LAWLZ @ Gehn... :D
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Yup. Sad.
Even Gehn finds it sad. -_-

:D thank you for faving, fairy dear!
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
So scarily true!

Gehn's reaction is priceless.:XD:
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Well, you need to understand, it is quite a blow for him... :(

:XD: thank you!
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Rooh, j'aime bien ^^ Une chouette idée. Et puis j'adore la tête de Gehn :rofl:
(pfff... et puis, pas faux: les humains, ça craint.)
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Ah, t'as vu ça? On craint plus que papy Gehn, c'est pas donné à tout le monde. On gère trop. Donc ouais, ça craint. :fear:
Merci, contente que ça te plaise :D
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Hop hop, j'avais oublié de mettre aux favoriiiiiis :D Voila qui est fait.
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Aww- mais t'étais pas obligée, hein, tu sais :blushes:
En tout cas merci encore!!! :glomp:
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LettersOnWhitePaperHobbyist Artisan Crafter
LOL, this is hilarious! :rofl: I love Gehn's expression.
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Thankies! :D
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TariamOfThePezHobbyist General Artist
This. Is. AWESOME! I love Gehn's face XD
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Thank you so much! And for the collec too... (I really need to read the facs about what this is exactly and how it works :giggle:)
Yeah, I'm afraid we're making poor ol' Gehn jealous...
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:XD: Nice!

Although, as George Carlin once said, "'Save the planet?' The planet isn't going anywhere, folks. We are!"
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Very true! He is right, this Carlin guy! :)
And thanks again for "favecollecting!" :D (but the category... XD wth :rofl:)
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You mean the "sexy/romantic" one? :roll:

Yeah, lets just say I haven't quite gotten the hang of the "Collect" feature yet. That was a mistake!!! And was quickly rectified! ^^;
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