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Someone help me.
I must have eaten something wrong. Or maybe the world is gonna end.
I actually colored a comic!!! :omg: :fear: :omg:

OK, so for those who haven't played Riven, Gehn and Catherine don't spell the name of that huge fish the same way: "Whark" (Gehn) or "Wahrk" (Catherine).
Although for some reason I tend to prefer "whark", Catherine's version definitely is the official one (if my sources are correct).
*is immediately fed to Bobo*
By the way, I am not the one who first named the wahrk "Bobo"... but I certainly won't ever be able to call him another way now! ;)

Of course, none of the Myst Ages or characters are mine since I wrote none of them.
I guess I should also credit this hilarious HP comic by *ktshy, because it probably influenced a little... :D
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Hahaahh! Magnifique! :rofl:
Le pire, c'est que j'avais déjà pensé à un truc du même genre :XD: Mais pas exactement sur ce thème.
Du pure génie! :D
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Tu le feras quand même, ce truc du même genre? Please ! :D
(et merci pour le commentaire ^^)
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Ou là, j'avais complètement oublié... Je ne sais plus ce que c'était dans le détail, mais si ça me reviens, alors oui, je le ferais! ^^
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Atrus's journal entry in the last panel makes it even better LOL (And that's one of my favorite HP comics too!)
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Thank you! :D

Yeah, that HP comic owns... :boogie:
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No problem! And yeah, it definitely does :XD: Yours does too.
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Love it! Cute and funny and beautifully done! <3
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Thank you very much!
Coloring is tough (well, for the lazy me, it is. ;p), so it's cool to get such feedback! :D
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Whats hilarious and kind of creepy is that if you read Myst the Book of Atrus, I think Ghen was or wanted to marry Catherine than Atrus came and they both escaped through the fissure XD
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Yup! Which makes their current reunion technically impossible (Gehn being trapped on Riven)... :XD:
Ah, well. It's fun to have them meet anyway. ;)
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The comic is awesome, although I think this family reunion would never occur... :giggle: And to help even more with the noise we have Yeesha banging on a pan (I loved that!)

But seriously, when in the game do Gehn and Catherine say the word wahrk? I seriously don't recall hearing it.
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Thank you, JakeHowler! :D

I don't believe they ever say it, and if they did, I doubt the difference between the 2 spellings would be audible ;)
But they both write it in their journals...

No, the epic reunion is indeed unlikely (especially as Gehn is supposed to be trapped inside a prison book, so...) - canon bending is just naughty fun! :XD:
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Heehee :lmao:only family get that angry over something so trival
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Especially that family. :nod:
family: "It is not trivial at all!!!..."

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They should visit my house sometime, my brother gets very aggressive over the silliest argument. Like the time i wouldn't let the cat go outside
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Cat: Go, brothers! :iconflowerdanceplz:
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lol in all fairness to me she had eaten lily pollen. I had to keep her in to make sure she didn't die. And she's my cat.

I've never seen that emote before
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:nod: And you did well.
Only, cats rarely know what is good for them... X)
Mine used to eat lizards - and get ill for 3 days each time :disbelief:
He never learned.

That emote isn't truely an emote, it is one of those avatars they created just to use them as emotes:

:icondweebdanceplz: :iconohnoesplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconjackskellingtonplz:...

I love them, there are plenty and i am trying to learn as many as I can!!
:rofl: (feeeear the geekishness...)
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They ought to add them to the list of availible emotes............... but the creators would most likely be annoyed by that. Unless it provided a link to their page maybe.

My school friends cat used to taunt her for being a vegetarian :D
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I wish they did add them, though... I'm sure the authors wouldn't mind, if the emote could simply appear in their gallery...

He did? :XD: How did he taunt her, by purring and eating cat stuff? :rofl:
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Love your work Fae. Thanks for the merriment :)
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