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#189 - Taylor - SOLD

SOLD to AriahDLyn 

 None, she is owned by the Base collectively and can be used by any of them
ID:  189
    Registration Note:…
Name: Chartae Corda
Barn Name/Nickname: Some call her Chartae, as it is more fitting with the other barn names of our EBs, but others prefer her original barn name, Taylor
Sex: Mare
Breed/type: Mountain Equus Ballator, Light Draft
Age: 6 years
Height: 19.1hh
Discipline: English Pleasure, Trails, Pulling; Broodmare for Guard Replacement Foals
Genotype:  Ee/Aa/GG/nSb
Phenotype: Fleabitten Grey on Bay Sabino
Rarity: Medium - 13: Sabino +1, Grey +2, Horns +10 (pastel +2, headset spined +2, 1 extra spined set +4, extra normal set +2)

Personality:  Chartae is a very smart mare who does not enjoy ring work.  She loves spending time in the pastures with her best friend Caela, and as a result she often makes herself difficult to catch.  However, she is happy to be groomed and loved on once caught.  She really just doesn't like ring work.  She tolerates pulling carriages or logs occasionally because she does is with Caela by her side, and she really does like trail rides as long as her rider isn't overly controlling - and she is generally unflappable on the trails, she does not spook at anything or refuse to go through/over any obstacle.  Still, she is not unsafe in the ring, just very grumpy.  She pins her ears and swishes her tail angrily when asked to do things, and acts generally lazy. Overall though, she is a very comfortable ride.

History: Coming soon...

Quirks: Ring-sour.  She is generally the first choice "spare" horse for trail work, but the last choice for just about any other kind of work.

Tack: Pale Purple EB halter and matching lead rope, Light Purple Polo Wraps (all 4 legs), Black (silver buckles) Neopreme EB Side-Pull Bridle, Black 18W Endurance Saddle (ex.…) (shared with Caela), Black Neopreme standard girth, White square saddlepad with Light Purple piping; Barefoot



Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
1. Reserved for PastelTides
2. Reserved for PastelTides
5. SammieAsMagPie: Pending (PAID): x 1998 Rain on my Parade = ???
6. Winzer: Pending (paid): x GWS 990 Abelardus = ???
7. Kaybutts: Pending (paid): x  ID 093 - Obscura Nocte = ???
Fee: 500 Points
Please note: Equus Ballators CANNOT breed with any other breed. Only with other EB's. Their genes and DNA do not allow it.

(+4 for this reference, +1 for
Gaits: 1
Dressage: 1
Jumping: 0
Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Strength: 1
(Total: 5 - Novice)

Accepted Foal/import Design: E-138 | Catzei
Purchased here:

Art (C) KnK
Breed (C) Fargonon
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Forever and a day later, I have finally found the right stallion for this slot! GWS 990 Abelardus :D