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Get back here! by Faelin808 Get back here! :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 4 0
Side Quest - Chaos
The next morning, after getting only short bursts of sleep, Ruki cleaned up their little campsite and roused her animals. She knew Winter had not slept much either, the mare had been pacing in between periods of dozing off. However, Noir seemed to have slept better than she had the whole trip. The black Tokota seemed revitalized and eager for the day. Ruki briefly pondered the idea of riding her instead of Winter, but decided to just walk instead. They headed in the direction that it seemed like they had come from, but it wasn’t long before Ruki realized she could not tell where they actually had come from. She expected to see disturbed ground from where the animals had run, but she did not see this. She halted, and her animals came to a stop beside her. “Girls,” she said with an apologetic tone, “I have no idea where we are.” Noir looked down at her. They had a moment of silent communication through eye contact. The black Tokota could sense Ruki’s f
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Main Event 3/3 - Terrible Things
They had been in the lush valley for about a week now. Everyone regretted having only a good supply of warm clothes, and Ruki had been using her jackets solely as extra bedding all week. It was warm here, wet and warm. And “new” life, well, previously-thought-to-be-extinct life, was found under every leaf. A few days ago, Chief Thunderfeather discovered that some of the explorers had been trying to smuggle abandoned (or perhaps nimbly kidnapped) Smilodon cubs and Mammoth Calves out of the valley. Ruki was not especially surprised when she found out about this. She had seen so much crime in her journeys, and this was just a classic case of exploitation of exotic animals. The way she aquired Winter had, in fact, been a case of animal exploitation. Winter was being paraded as some mythical beast, and people paid money to see her and have a chance to pet her. Perhaps that was why, when the crates were opened and the baby animals discovered, Winter joined those who stood guard o
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Side Quest - Clean-Up Time, again! by Faelin808 Side Quest - Clean-Up Time, again! :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 2 0
Main Event 2/3 - Into the Jungle
Later that night, Ruki sat around another campfire and joined in on the gossip. There were rumors of new kinds of Tokotas roaming these mountains. A pale, blue-footed female has been spotted and tagged for taming by the TCA. The Chief has nicknamed her “Ghost Paw”. Noir, who had been curled up with Winter about 10 feet from the fire, perked up when she heard the mention of a ghost-like wild Tokota roaming the mountains. She listened closer to the humans now.
“You know,” Ruki quipped, with a tone of mild sarcasm, “my girl Noir has been pretty spooked since we made it to the mountains, I wonder if there really is a ghost in these mountains!”
This comment annoyed Noir slightly, mostly because it was embarrassingly true. She knew she hadn’t seen a ghost, the Tokotas she saw were real flesh and blood, but she still couldn’t understand why they had given her such a fright. Lost once again in her own thoughts, Noir laid her head back down and tr
:iconfaelin808:Faelin808 0 0
Fall Friends - TCA Entry
Samuel Thomson was a simple man. He lived in a small tree-fort on the edge of the Faelivrin Estate with his half-mane Tokota, Linus. Linus was also a simple creature, who enjoyed nothing more than hanging out with his master and enjoying nature. The two of them often went for quiet walks through the forests together, and on these walks it was not uncommon for neither of them to make a sound the entire time. They loved the natural world in all seasons, but autumn was their favorite. The crisp air, earthy smells, and warm colors meld together into the most pleasant sensation for anyone who stops to enjoy them.
On 1st of each month, Samuel went into town for supplies and to find out what activities would be going on in town that month. This year, on his October visit to town, Samuel noticed an adoption flyer posted by the TCA. He had no desire for a second Tokota, but he looked at the flyer out of curiosity anyway. There were two lovely Tokotas available for adoption, two brown females -
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Rafcave3 by Faelin808 Rafcave3 :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 2 0 Climber by Faelin808 Climber :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 2 0 Slippery Slope by Faelin808 Slippery Slope :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 2 0 Side Quest - Clean-Up Time by Faelin808 Side Quest - Clean-Up Time :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 0 0 Swamplands by Faelin808 Swamplands :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 4 0 Main Event - Escape from the Avalanche by Faelin808 Main Event - Escape from the Avalanche :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 1 0 Mountain Wanderers by Faelin808 Mountain Wanderers :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 4 0 Desert Raiders by Faelin808 Desert Raiders :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 4 0 Into the Jungle by Faelin808 Into the Jungle :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 5 0 Leaving the Forest by Faelin808 Leaving the Forest :iconfaelin808:Faelin808 2 1



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Kelli n. K.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
- Animal
- Horseback Rider
- Loves the Outdoors

I have lots of characters, I may not draw them/write about them as often as people with 'active' characters, but I promise I use them all - I often use them for 'real-world-roleplay' type stuff with my friends, and I have storylines for them all even if I don't have time to write them :)

Also, please note that I almost always keep DeviantArt up on my computer, even when I'm not at it, so just because it says I'm online doesn't mean I'm actually at the computer :)

~ KnK
In closing down my Tokotas activity, I need to use up my last few breeding slots. Most of these guys I really want one nice pup I can keep for my limited future activity.

I can post one more this month.
I am PB with Pack Benefits.
I can add supplements.
I get POTL. Non-negotiable.
Most likely, I will pick one and you can have all the rest but there may be a situation in which I want 3rd pick as well.
If I don't want any of them, you will get all of them to do with as you please.

Slot 1. Amaya - Female seeking a Male
Amaya 20215 by TotemSpirit Wise, black Alpha trait-bomb.
- MUST have goat
- The more traits the better
- Black or darker coats, cool markings always a plus but not needed

Slot 2. Pierce - Male seeking Female 
Pierce 24851 by TotemSpirit Dominant black traitbomb
- Tokis only
- I'd love to breed him with a bobtailed Toki or one with a pug
- Black with starmarks would be lovely
- Matching traits with him would also be lovely, as would a goat

Slot 4. Monsoon - Male seeking a Female
Monsoon 30489 by TotemSpirit Black 25% Dire
- Mainly looking for Dires, no tawnies unless they're super cool
- Not super picky with him, you'll probably get all the pups

IF you have a Toko who you are selling slots to and who would be a good fit for any of these guys, I may be interested in just buying a slot so feel free to offer!

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