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AZOCT-Reference-Eupheus Deathmaw

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Art made by the wonderful: :iconandyetnobananas:

Audition: fav.me/dap6f1y
Round 1: fav.me/db6kzn0

Cream: fav.me/db6tl53

Name: Eupheuys Deathmaw. (Euphy)
Age: 4 Imp Years (She lies)
Height: 1m
Weight: Weightless.

Likes: Candy, toys, games, fun.

Dislikes: Broccoli, vegetables, authority.

Has no powers without an item. (Eg: Without her stick, she can no longer cast fireballs)
Is physically weak, and easily overpowered.
Easily distracted
Would walk into a unmarked van if it said 'free candy.'

A stick that, when held, grants the user the ability to cast fireballs.

Demonic Mask
This mask has the ability to move through time at the speed of time(aka; the same speed as everyone else). It also hides her star.

Flight, and sturdiness.
Euphy is capable of flight, and is quite sturdy, able to take hits fairly well due to her body being made to withstand superpowers. Her blood is highly toxic, able to eat through the very universe. It can only be stopped by an Imp, or Euphy herself, who are immune to said effects.

Granting Superpowers
Euphy's powers are the same as her sisters in that she can grant objects, and people a superpower. Each Imp's powers list can differ. As Imps grow older, their list of powers grows too. She can also, naturally, tell what superpower was granted.

As Euphy is only a young Imp, she can't choose what powers she gives item and people, and as such what is received will be completely random.
(How this works:
Using random.org, I will be rolling a number between 1 and x (Where x is the end of the power list.)
Shortened link to the powers list: tinyurl.com/gllre6z
Feel free to add your own!)

Further Bio:
When all Imp's reach 5 years of age, they are sent on a pilgrimage to better learn how to use their powers. This journey's purpose is twofold; to train the Imps, and to give them a chance to prove they can choose their own fate, and the fate of others. Imps who complete this journey typically have full control of their ability.
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AmadeusGuyHobbyist General Artist
Hey, the link to the power list is an edit mode link. You might want to change that to view only before a troll messes it up.
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FaelaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
If a troll messes it up I can revert it to an early save. It's that way for a reason.
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I-Need-BaconStudent Digital Artist
Interesting... (I'm going to be entering this OCT as well, just working on my ref sheet)

Just wondering, what weaknesses does she have? Aside from not being able to control what powers she can grant, of course.
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FaelaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
There you go <3
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FaelaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
I do suppose I didn't list them exactly, only mentioning them in the picture. Give me a moment to update that.
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I-Need-BaconStudent Digital Artist
Oh god, sorry, I'm blind as a goddamn bat, didn't even see those in the picture =P

I've just got back from a big dinner, and am feeling rather full and bloated, so I was probably too tired to even read the whole thing.

Nonetheless, like your OC, and can't wait for your audition =)

(as an aside note, this is the OC I'll be entering: fav.me/d8rd5li - this is an old ref sheet I did up for an OCT that sadly never came to fruition)
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FaelaArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
You enjoy your food ^_^

Me neither, I can't wait to see your audition too! Best of luck!
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