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Ancient Alandra

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Alandra did not exist in ancient times but if I had to envison her back in the past I think this is how she would look. What do you think of her here?
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Where did you make these clothes and scenery? I have DAZ and still can't crack that out (leave alone the hair)!
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Nice picture. Of course she lived.
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The design of her outfit is magnificient, she looks like an ancient queen or a powerful priestess :) Absolutly stunning! :love:
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A strong pose and look of power...beautifully done!
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Beautiful.. love the dress.
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I love this :) She is very beautiful
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Thank you. Your book is on the way too
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cool can't wait...I have to finish my WIP of Alandra....i keep looking at it lol
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Awesome, I love classical-themed stuff.

Interesting outfit and scenery. Makes me think of Alandra as a secluded temple oracle whom others quest to for wisdom, the breaking of their curses, and the like.

In Alternate Angels I've designed a "lair" for Alandra which is based on the ancient Khmer ruins (Angkor Wat, etc.) so this piece is very inspiring!
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Oh very neat! Did you by any chance happen to read book one?
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I like the simplicity of the character, and that dress is pretty badass.
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Wow! And again I must say "Wow!" She's hot here. Wish I could get that outfit to render properly in Daz, but it's impossible. Great piece here!
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Great job, I love the ruby accents you used.
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Very good, I love the expression on her face.
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aww, you're welcome. I can't wait to see more work through your group :)
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Stunning and perfect:hug::w00t:
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Thank you. You'll have to let me know what you think of Alandra when you read the book
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I sure will:D :D :D :D :D :hug:sss
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