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Don't Make Me Go

So the votes were in and y'all wanted a Shetani-Nymph interaction

"Girl, this was your dumbass wish." Shetani ran her claw against the hard stone ceiling of the cavern as she floated inches from it, her traveling 'companion' cowering on the floor below.

"I mean, if you were just gonna hide out in this stupid cave, barely into the Badlands, then why did we even go?"

Nymph tried her best to breath and not bury her head in the dirt. "You don't understand." She'd said this at least 50 times now in the past half hour. 

They'd left Canterlot not more than an hour ago, went thirty minutes into the badlands, and then had to stop here, when Nymph could go no further and ran into the darkest place she could find. She was always fond of the dark.

"Well I'm definitely not gonna understand if you don't tell me what it is. I'm the only one here with magic strong enough to get us back and I'm not gonna do it without getting something out of it. You're not the only one with stakes in this little outing."

Nymph had begged the draconequus weeks ago for this opportunity. To be completely honest, Shetani wanted to absolutely jump at the opportunity, but she'd needed to milk it a bit, to really have Nymph believing she was looking out for her 'best interests'. Nymph wasn't stupid, but she knew what she had to do. She'd finally gained the courage to find the answers she'd always wanted: what happened to her other mother. 

"You don't understand."

"52, and counting. You know, for a creepy bug monster thing, you sure are pathetic. All those ponies who are scared of you? I'm sure you could rip through 'em if you really wanted to. But here you are, acting like the bug it seems you really are."

A faint clicking could be heard from Nymph's slowly shaking head, her mandibles in open air as she tried to breathe through her mouth in a last effort to calm herself. "You don't understand."

Shetani drifted closer to the floor with the insectoid mare, really taking her into view. She wasn't really horrific. Odd. But not horrific. It wasn't really a question who would be considered the real monster in this room. 

"53. C'mon, if you don't get outta here with me, our contract is null and void, and you'll be stuck out here and I'm getting really tired of-"

"Don't make me go!"

Shetani was taken aback. Did she really just interrupt her, I mean who did she think she-

"I told you, you don't understand, you don't know what this is like."

Wow, she was kinda rude. Shetani began to float circles around Nymph, eyeing her cautiously, ready to smack some sense into her if she didn't calm down. 

Nymph shuddered, making an obvious effort not to cry. She hated crying, despite how often it seemed to happen. The princess pressed her hooves to her temples, her saline repression starting to cause a pressure in her skull, her mandibles clicking on their own accord.

"What if she hates me. What if she just wants me dead... or worse.."


"What if she likes me?"

Shetani was having none of this. "Oh come
on you cannot be serious. Do you know what kinda opportunity you have here? A blank slate, a restart with someone else. Plus you probably look more like her than anyone else in your family, that's something."

Nymph sniffled, her tears finally letting themselves loose in the midst of Shetani's... heartfelt words. Was that sincerity?

"Look, honey, I'm tired of this nonsense and unless you ready to get your thorax off the floor, I'm voiding our little deal here and going ho-"

"N-no. I'm.. I'm ready to go." Nymph's knees were still weak from her odd bending habits and shook as she stood.

"Girl, you have got to stop interrupting me before I show you how fed up I am." 


So, Nymph is one of the few ponies Shetani even kind of likes, even if she can't admit that herself
At the same time she's frustrated with her and how Nymph shames her own appearance, because it's the one thing they truly have in common. Most others see them as monsters. Shetani embraces it, Nymph disdains it.

Nymph eventually gets the courage to find her other mother, Chrysalis, but finds she can't do it on her own. She knows Shetani has this fondness for deals and asks to have Shetani accompany her into the wilds in search of her. Shetani sees this an opportunity, knowing Chrysalis is a source of magic she has yet to obtain and decides to take advantage of Nymph's need for kinship with her parent.

Okay she likes her but it's not enough to turn away from power, I mean what else is there.

This also gave me an opportunity to update both their appearances a bit, and here are their solos

Nymphsolo by FaeDeeDrawsShetanisolo by FaeDeeDraws

Edit**: Little short story thing added!
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Is Shetani protective of Nymph? 
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Poor little adowable baby :C
Shetani tuly is villainess
I just wanna hug Nymph
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What would the human ng cast look like?
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That's a bit of a broad question, considering how many are in my NG cast
I'll eventually take a swing at drawing out their human designs, but for now I'm sticking with the horses
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Shetani is just the best!! Dang those golden fangs xD
Nymph is really cool as well. I really want to know the story behind this picture ^^
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It's updated with that now, actually~
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