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Fae By Nature

There is a crossroads where two domains meet,

where pixies on deer mice ride past your feet.
Where flying formations of silkmoths and faeries
stir up the dancing mist, silvering prairies.

Mermaids and mantas ballet in the seas,

whilst dragons and barn swallows swoop over trees.
Foxes step lightly where unicorns trot,
and sylphs are just visible — or maybe they’re not!

Where is this magic place? How do you seek it?
Discover a map hidden somewhere in secret?
Chant ancient words and then wave an oak wand?
No, silly human! Just feel the deep bond

that you have with this earth,
you and every wild creature.
Then point your heart’s compass
toward Fae by Nature!

~ by Diane Rains
Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved.
© 2017 - 2023 FaeByNature
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