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Teen!CastielXTeen!Reader - Cool Kids Chptr 2
Teen!CastielXTeen!Reader- Cool Kids Chapter 2
You rubbed your eyes as you awoke to your favorite song and your mom shaking you. It was the worst morning you had in two months. Mostly because you had to get up that morning. You closed your eyes for a few seconds and walked to your bureau to select some clothes to seize the day. “Greet the day with a big, fat middle finger and carpe some f*cking diem.” You laughed whenever you said that, it was something your old friend had told you in middle school. Of course you couldn’t remember their name or face, but it’s something endearing.
“Come on bud,” You said to yourself, breaking your reminiscent trance. “Get your pants on. You’ll be late otherwise.”
In twenty minutes you were downstairs in your usual garb: skinny jeans, tee shirt (usually something weird you ordered online or found in a thrift store), black hoodie, and a pair of (favorite color or pattern, or both) Vans. Your breakfast,
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Teen!CastielXTeen!Reader - Cool Kids
Teen!CastielXTeen!Reader- Cool Kids (Chapter 1)
It was autumn, and as with the beginning of every autumn school had started. You didn’t have any real friends, just people you talk to. Your mom called them friends, but you always corrected her simply with the word “acquaintance.” It wasn’t that you were anti-social, you had moved around a lot because of your step-dad’s enrollment in the Navy, not making friends had become something of a preventative measure for you.
You twisted the knob on your speakers until the sound was bouncing off the walls and shook the floor. Thankfully, you had been left alone at home again. Your parents were doing, well you didn’t know, but you didn’t mind not knowing. It was just nice to be alone and left to your own devices. The relationship between you and your parents had recently become stressed, your step-dad didn’t like you, your mom always took his side, and you only really left the house to go to school a
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CastielXReader- Angel of the Lord
Angel of the Lord
(A/N) Some light cussing. Not too much but just a fair warning. Also dog attacks. Not on the reader though. (A/N)
You sighed as the rain began to drum a senseless beat on the window. So much for taking Lucine for a walk, he would understand though. Lucine was a good dog, most of the time, who was protective but not to the point that he attacks the neighborhood kids.
“It’s raining hard isn’t it buddy?” You said mindlessly to no one, or maybe your dog. You looked at him when he made a small grunt. “I’m sorry honey, we’ll go on a walk tomorrow. Cross my heart and hope to die.”
The husky-rottweiler mix looked at you and wagged his curled tail slightly, telling you he was excited but knew he would have to wait. With that he turned around, tail still curled about his back and sauntered off to lay down in his queen-sized bed in his bedroom. It was supposed to be the guest room; but of course he took it and eve
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Andrew Scott Pop Art by Faeben Andrew Scott Pop Art :iconfaeben:Faeben 0 0 The Name Is Sherlock Holmes by Faeben The Name Is Sherlock Holmes :iconfaeben:Faeben 0 0 WIP Cat by Faeben WIP Cat :iconfaeben:Faeben 0 0
SherlockxTeen!readerxJohn- I Promise
SherlockXTeen!ReaderXJohn- I Promise
[(AN) It it isn't told that the story is told by you or Sherlock the story is being narrated by John. It gets heavy. Might be triggering, I don't know. It depends on you as a person, suicide is one of the things mentioned and there are threats of suicide. If that's too much for you, read something else.]
You sighed as you woke from a peaceful-enough dream. Dad was blowing things up, again. Why did it always happen at four in the goddamn morning? Shaking your head, you would plug your phone into the speaker that hung on its perch above your head. (band name) was/were always a blessing on mornings like this. It was always the same. You would wake up to your father screwing off in the small kitchen in the small flat above Baker street. The father-daughter pair would fight because the latter’s music was too loud, although both were inconsiderate. Then the young woman would take a cab to complain to Mycroft.
I saw it enough. It wasn't just you and
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Not Dead (Gabrielxreader)
“(y/n) wait!” Sam yelled but you didn’t stop. You just kept running into the hotel forcing Sam and Dean to follow.  You knew what that white flash of light meant but you didn’t want to believe it. There was a small part of your mind that kept trying to convince you that he was still alive and that light hadn’t come from him.
When you made it into the room any scrap of hope left you. Gabriel laid lifeless in the center of the room, the image of his wings burned into the floor. You walked over to sit beside him and brought his head onto your lap.
“Gabriel you idiot,” you whispered as you ran your hands through his hair. The shock wouldn’t let you cry or calm your shaking hands. All you could do was look down at your angel with a blank expression. Sam and Dean made their way towards you and kept trying to get you to talk to them but you couldn’t focus on what they were saying. Their words just echoed in your head not making any se
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Castiel x Reader: My Heart in Ink
    The Winchesters were never too fond of you keeping a diary--in fact, Dean reminded you every time he saw you writing in it not to put in specific details, like town names or people you and Team Free Will questioned during investigations. But while the Winchesters disliked the idea of you scrawling down the day's adventures (even though their father did nearly the exact same thing), at least one of your fellow comrades approved; Castiel, as it so happened, was fascinated by the concept.
    "What's that?" he had asked one day in the middle of a conversation with Sam and Dean after noticing the gentle sound of your pen dancing across the paper.
    You smiled to yourself and glanced up, meeting his eyes for a few seconds. "It's my heart in ink," you state proudly, as if the words were a secret club and only you were allowed to join.
    "Cheesiest title ever," Dean muttered under his breath. Sam just rolled his eyes, and you weren't sure if the
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Alien Doge by CanisPitbull Alien Doge :iconcanispitbull:CanisPitbull 28 8 Mythical Beasts by Cioccolatodorima Mythical Beasts :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 2,970 225 delicious thighs by akairiot delicious thighs :iconakairiot:akairiot 500 34
Lava Lamps and Ice Cream (CastielxReader)
"Don't touch that." Her voice cut through the silence, startling the angel and causing him to retract his hand.
Castiel glanced over at (y/n). Tilting his head to the side slightly after noticing her eyes didn't leave the book lying carefully in her lap.
He turned his attention back to the glowing lamp in front of him. The bulbous orbs shifting slowly inside the glass container.
(e/c) eyes flickered up from the words on the page to the handsome angel who crouched in front of the lava lamp. The corner of her mouth twitched slightly as his crystal blue eyes followed the slow moving lava. His hand once again moved towards the lamp.
"Cas. I said no." Her voice was stern and drew his attention again. He retracted his hand and after a moment went back to gazing at the lamp.
She sighed inwardly. Not only was she stuck in this small motel room, but she had to babysit the angel, too. Not that it was all bad. He was usually very well behaved. This time, however, the room came equipped with a lav
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broken by whitecrow-soul broken :iconwhitecrow-soul:whitecrow-soul 687 49 ce-lucy-bration by akairiot ce-lucy-bration :iconakairiot:akairiot 1,103 54 Measuring Contest by c-t-elder Measuring Contest :iconc-t-elder:c-t-elder 171 22
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