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It's real! If you're looking for her she's on one of the rooftops in Moonglade : )
Promised I’d let you guys know a date the closer we got, my commissions will be open again on Wed, April 12th. More deets to come. Doing a lot of site work to prepare :)

(Please do not send me emails, messages, DMs or PMs with information about your commission before I am open. I will *not* be responding. Truly not trying to be rude, I just am very busy at the moment and there are a lot of messages. Apologies. <3)

I got some super really cool news today! My Faeb will be an npc in WoW! They even gave her a little paint set, too. It is the most wonderful thing and I am shocked and speechless! This is such a huge honor and a total dream come true. If you play WoW, give her a little /wave or /hug from time to time for me :'D 
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Here is the link:…