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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 23, 2013, 1:04 PM







I am sorry u//v//u;; but it's been so long since I've been able to sit in front of a computer and have time to go on dA. ; OOO ; So many of you have left such nice messages and I will try to reply to all of them soon. 

China was amazing. My teaching experience was really truly once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing and I was blessed to be able to teach so many sweet and cute children. sobs. I already miss them... 

I've had over 30 people stay at my house the moment I returned from China so even though I was back in the US, I didn't have time to do any drawing or chatting with friends ; n ; // They stayed for a week and now I'm really pooped ahahaha;;; 

My jetlag is still bothering me a bit. I've been waking at 4am these past few days... @ ^ @ |l| //burrows face into a pillow and weeps silently  

Oh, and I'll be going to Alaska for about a week starting tomorrow. So if I still don't respond to anything by then, it's because of that ; OOOO ; I hope those of you who have had a break during these past few months enjoyed break ~ do well when school starts! And for those in school, I hope you excel in everything you try. Keep drawing and stay happy!! <33333

smooches your cheek

Leaving Q O Q//

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 30, 2013, 2:02 PM

I'll be leaving for China in less than 24 hours hahaa q//v//q ♥ I'm really excited and it's actually my first time going on a plane without the rest of my family. I'll be teaching little kids for a bit and then touring some parts of the great continent ; UUU ; <333 I hope everyone enjoys their summer and if you need anything or just want to talk, you can always note me because I might not be on as much to check comments (since the schedule assigned to me is very strict (/ //////n////// \) but I promise I'll try to get to everything as soon as possible! There should be free wi-fi at the place I'm staying at but.. .. ..  //wipes tear awei u///o///u  

Oh, but I think during the second week, I'll be moving from free wi-fi room to middle of the mountain...sooooOooOoOOOOooOooOOoOoo.... LOOOOOL I'M NOT GOING TO BE EXPECTING MUCH ALSKDJFALJ FCRIES ON YOUR SHOULDERS ;; 7 ;;///// I'll try to draw some stuff but it'll look like poop I can promise you that mm.. and also the 2093402934 apps I owe...

BUT ENJOY SUMMER OR SCHOOL OR WORK OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE Q UQ<3 I'll be waiting on the other side of the rainbow for you guys

smooches your cheek
Greetings to my lovely friends and watchers ; U ; //

AHHH IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE LAST MADE A JOURNAL Q O Q;; I hope everyone is doing well and having fun! Stay safe and healthy hehe //scoops all of you into my manry arms (/ v \)  

I also have a few questions I'd like to ask you guys ; O ; It's regarding drawing styles and art in general. I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but recently, I've been experimenting around with my drawing haha;; I'm unsatisfied with what I've been producing, especially since I was on hiatus for half of the year and couldn't really practice. I love drawing but sometimes I feel as if I'm missing something?? u///n///u

If you'd like to answer, you can just write a few words or phrases if you want, nothing too elaborate if you wish ;///q///; I'm sorry I couldn't just make a poll or something to ask the question sobs I apologize if this journal ends up cluttering your inbox :icongtthplz::icongtthplz::icongtthplz:

Here goes Q U Q //:
1. Do you have an established style when you draw? And if so, how long did it take you to find your own style/become comfortable with it?

2. How often, if ever, do you experiment around with your drawing style (meaning anything from the way you lineart to a different coloring technique or something like that)? Or, how often do you change it?

Thank you so much for reading this journal u/////////u It really does mean a lot to me that I've been supported so much thus far and I cannot express in words how much each and every one of you guys brightens my day. Huff .... salkjfdsalfjalsfdallafjdlfsj blushes LOLLKSJDFALJFLAL HUFF. HUFF. OKEI.

Have a good day~ ♥♥♥

//blows kisses
:iconsayuui: is opening icon commissions! Q O Q
They're super duper cute and really cheap~
Click for more Info♥
she's got a really cute pixel style and is such a sweetie in general > U < ~b
is an example

psst. and to anyone else opening commissions, don't hesitate to ask me to advertise Q u Q haha, I'll try to see if I can organize something to help you guys > U < ~b I wish everyone the best ahh


Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 1:39 PM
for the first time ever

I apologize in advance if I stop it in the middle suddenly; it prolly means my parents came back xD;;
I should be on hour maybe at most heehee ; v ; you can join in and chat if you want -- or maybe burn out your retinas from my completely horrible art//grosssobs

Anyways, here's the Livestream~~

I also apologize if my volume is one or something;; i'm relatively new to this so-- a;afas;f //slapped



Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 8:49 PM
uwah guys I'm alive still breathing somewhat


I hope everyone is doing fine Q o Q School should be ending for most of us so I hope all finals/tests/exams go smoothly

I have so much art and journal  entries to catch up on; you people have been improving so much Im crying LOL I HAVENT TOUCHED MY TABLET IN 7 MONTHS I CANT EVEN LINEART WHAT Q A Q;;


but most importantly


I get to stalk all of you again MUAHAHAHA Q U Q~~  

//blows kisses everywhere

btw i've forgotten all the icons on dA LOL SO SORRY FOR THIS ICONLESS ENTRY AHAHAA

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CONTEST RESULTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 7, 2012, 5:06 PM
Sorry for the delay for contest decision making! :iconlazepoolplz: There were so many amazing entries and we had such a hard time choosing just three winners a;fdka;afj huff

We want you all to know that we are so thankful for you guys joining our contest ; v ; it really warmed our hearts that we had so many participants! ♥♥♥ Q u Q

Anyhoo, without further ado, we have the results now!

In First Place:
Contest by laexdream

:'D This is absolutely gorgeous! You have such a nice style and coloring technique :iconloveloveplz: You matched the theme so well and everything looks beautiful u///v///u

In Second Place:

Wow! The effects and colors are drop dead breath-taking! I love the imaginative way you placed all of our characters and I really love each of their expressions > v < ~b our characters look so cute!

In Third Place:
CONTEST ENTRY- Fantasy by MizumiHisui

Uwahhh Q v Q ♥ this entry is so pretty > v < I really love how you color and drew their hair and poses! * 7 * They all look so close and happy afk;jsf<333

Honorable Mention:


ahhhh we just couldn't resist adding this one ; v ; The theme is so creative and cute and our characters look so cute in your style > u < ♥

Congratulations to all the winners! You guys are all amazing * 7 * ♥

Thank you to all the participants who entered. You guys have no idea how happy you made us; each picture was so beautiful and we knew you must have put a lot of thought into drawing them u v u and for that, we'd like to give all of you one last round of applause.

Fairytale Girls by Renezinha CE: A Beautiful Night by megadaisy1 Another Contest Entry??? by Blackfoot98 CONTEST ENTRY- Fantasy by MizumiHisui :thumb331535182: LOOK!  It's HARRY POTTER!!!! by Raqonteur :thumb334067317: Contest Entry by usagichanxx The Dark Cavern by smilkey Contest by laexdream CONTEST ENTRY- Fantasy by MizumiHisui

And to the winners, you will have to notify the prize-givers so that they may give you their prize ; u ; ♥… <--- you can find everything here u v u ~

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Thanksgiving + Life Update + Hackers~

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2012, 2:57 PM

ahh I haven't died yet my dear watchers u v u ;; I've just been swamped with homework and whatnot since the hurricane pushed our school schedule back by two weeks; teachers have been seriously cramping everything in before the end of the first marking period ; o ;
and I'm sorry for taking so long to reply to messages/skype TTnTT my computer time has been really limited these days ; o ; Just know that I read each and every one of your comments u////v////u ....with extra love....♥
but eeeee Q u Q ♥ everything else aside, I'm very excited for Thanksgiving! A lot of my family friends from all over are coming to my house and it'll be a very merry time [I hope] heehee > u < ~ I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again and to maybe sneak in some time for drawing a;skfdja;fja //slapped
and you may be wondering why the title of my journal includes "hackers". This is because recently, my mom's QQ, which is the equivalent of a chatting site/skype/email, got hacked. It started when my mom got a chat from her close friend to "click on a link because [she] saw [my mom's] picture there!" (I believe there is a very similar thing going on around Skype! ; o ; so be wary of what you click and what information you give out!) My mom, being the naive and trusting mom she is, clicked it and through some series of events, got hacked. :iconshadowedplz: The hacker got onto my mom's account at 3am (my time) and asked family members in China to send the hacker money while impersonating my mom. The hacker first tried my uncle, and asked for roughly $20,000 but was discovered because my uncle realized something was off when my mom decided to chat him at 3 in the morning for money LOL. Next, the hacker tried chatting one of my mom's more well-off friends and also asked for $20,000. That friend almost believed the hacker because not only could she provide the money, she was also really close to my mom and would do anything for her not saying that my uncle wouldn't LOLOLOL but money was not an issue at all for her Thank goodness these two were both really smart and caught on to the hacker's ploys. The really funny thing was, they started asking personal questions to my "mom" to test who they were actually talking to. The friend asked "who is your husband" and the hacker answered with some random dude on my mom's QQ chat list, which I found to be hilarious lmfao honestly...
so ANYWAYYYYSSS~~ I just want to warn you all to be careful when using online social networks! Never give out information (passwords, usernames, emails, etc.) on fishy websites and should you get a weird chat from someone that seems out of character, make sure to ask them whether it is indeed your friend you are chatting with and don't be like my mom aiyah the woman is seriously too believing of others ;;; :iconsobbplz:
I know this is just wishful thinking, but I really hope hackers with bad intentions can just realize they are being heartless by invading other's privacy like that. Fooling and tricking people is definitely not fun especially if you plan on doing it with malicious reasons. > ^ < ;;
I hope I didn't just dampen everyone's moods with my rant a;lsfdkjafja Q o Q
have a good, safe and happy holiday! ♥ do you have any special plans/trips for those of you who have thanksgiving break? u v u

EEEE AND ALSO I'm really happy because it's pumpkin pie season LOLOLOL//slapped across the fae-loor
Q////v////Q yum yum~

Fae rabus you....
rub rub rub ; v ;

Big Bang Concert askdfaf HUFF HUFF

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 4:05 PM

Taeyang ripped off his shirt.
'nuff said
ahahahahahaha; skfda;jf;jfa * 7 * It was so much fun >  v  < Everything was really flashy and loud though so I'm still sort of hearing-impaired LOLOL :iconlazepoolplz: ah but it was all worth it //coughs
ah but this concert seriously messed up my bias list u///v///u
G-Dragon is too cool hnn

so how has everyone been? ; v ; anything exciting? :'D

Fae rabus you....
rub rub rub ; v ;

...//borrows neighbor's internet cough [update]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 5:05 PM
.... u v u okay. I think I'm done now.... ;;; I'm actually thankful Sandy was relatively easy on me and people in my area. ; o ; I hope the people who actually got hurt/got their property damaged are doing okay! I wish the best for you all Q O Q
ahh but I just want to say thank you to those who wished me well before the hurricane<3 ; u ; you guys are always so thoughtful :iconletmehugyouplz: ♥ Q v Q ♥
I hope everything is going well for you guys too ; U ; <3333 How is everyone?

Hurricane /) o (

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 3:18 PM
uu;;..... :iconlazepoolplz: As many of you may know, a hurricane will be hitting the east coast very soon ; o ; The electricity might go out for a few days TT o TT and I honestly don't know what's going to happen q n q but I hope everyone living around the area will stay safe Q O Q I-I'll.....................
be hiding under the bed if you need me u//////v//////u  ♥
Fae rabus you all heehee.

[K] is an anime (with a manga prequel) AND IT'S SO FULL OF BISHIES I CAN'T EVEN--
yes so the main point of the journal is to watch out for the hurricane everyone u///v///u


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 26, 2012, 4:42 PM
Hi guys~
As some of you may know, a contest I'm holding with my dA famiry will be ending on October 31st!
I encourage you guys to join because we have lots of prizes > U < <3333… for more information ; v ; have fun <333

Opening Cheap Sketch Commissions~ [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 6:59 PM
I'm briefly opening sketch commissions: 60 points each and 5 slots open Q u Q ♥
I'm just trying to practice sketching and drawing quickly u v u~

Examples of the style/quality I'll be drawing in! ; 7 ; (they'll be half-body though hehe) You can choose for the picture to be either black and white or very softly colored like how I did in the examples) ^^
This is first come first serve; if you want one, please comment a ref and a brief description of the characters and whether or not you want it to be in black and white or softly colored~ ; v ; I encourage you guys to put down your male charas if you have any I need desperate practice in drawing males LOL ♥♥♥ I'll comment back if you have been successful in getting a slot! u////v////u ~ I should be able to get these done relatively quickly (depending on schoolwork and such).
Thank you!

:iconcopicuser101: [paid]
:icondivine-illuminance: [paid]
:iconiluuuv: [paid]
:iconxineli: [paid]
:iconharululu: pending ; v ;

Tag... I'm it Q O Q x 2

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 7, 2012, 7:13 PM
eeeeeeeeek >///v///< I've been tagged by :iconsayuui:
+ :iconhanicha:  >U< <333
If you are tagged, you must post these rules:

1.) Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
2.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create
eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your
4.) Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.

Five things about me:
1. I love all animals, but I'm seriously scared of bugs, including spiders >//^//<;;; :iconuu-plz:
2. I cannot draw lithe bodies on males............................................................ I can only draw muscle. Sobs. :iconabsplz:
3. I can get seriously distracted; it takes hours to finish drawing something because I can never just sit down and draw ; o ;
4. I don't make sense half of the time. :icongtthplz:
5. I love my friends ♥ and I love to ski, read, write, play flute and piano, and spend time with my family Q v Q♥


1. How are you today?  <33333(okay totally creative question O n o)

eeep ; v ; I'm doing lovely right now~ just came back from the movies with my friends heehee ^^ We watched Pitch Perfect, which is quite a hilarious movie ahahaha

2. Have you ever had a secret admirer or something?

uu;; erm something like that LOL. but he was quite an awkward kumquat Q O Q He was a very shy person eep

3. If  you could be an anime character, who would you be?

............................................. any character who has a harem around her LMFAO A;FKSAFJAF; :iconuhuhuhuplz: jkjk, I'd probably want to be a character in Fairy Tail or something ; v ; maybe Lucy or Erza heehee ^////////^

4. If you could meet a deviant in real life, who would it be? And why? <333 (okay you can meet many deviants >n< no need to decide ;;;; )

Q OQQQ uwahh this is a really hard question....... of course I'd want to meet all my kind watchers and the people that have supported me on dA ; UUUU ; I'd also really want to meet CherryshMe because she is my sekushi husbando; I'd want to meet my daughters creme-tarte and ridiculous-rabbit because they are the sweetest people ahaha♥ and I'd want to meet my nee-san HyIia (such an uguu desu moe voisu) and my good friend ruichou (such sweet and melodious voisu) and my sis shusical (cute and mature voisu ; v ; ) and Lurideon and iPlu and wafflemel AND FRANPA. I WANT TO MEET MY FRANPA SOBBU > v < I'd also love to meet Sayuui I became friends with her not too long ago but she's incredibly sweet a;fkdsa;f♥♥♥

5. What's the worst anime you've ever watched?

...etto;; ; o ; um I generally don't watch anime because I find filler episodes to be very annoying ahaha I prefer manga Q v Q but the worst manga I've read had a teacher-student relationship and a terribad ending. The ending was neither happy nor very sad in my opinion; it was just. bland. very. very. bland.

6. Cute or scary? <33

kawaii vs. kowai .....
:iconsopsplz: kawaii of course TTnTT al;skdfja;fa;fj I cannot handle scary movies amfg :iconrunrolanrunplz: I tried watching "28 Weeks Later", this zombie apocalypse movie with my friend in broad daylight and I almost peed my pants..........

7. If you could wish something material in this moment, what would it be?

erm material? I'd want...... an Intuos5 :iconuhuhuhuplz: or maybe the new B & W game ; O ;

8. What's your favorite wild animal?

unicorn wolf Q v Q ♥
9. Videogame addict?

nope heehee ^^ I don't have the time anymore ><

10. Last question: Let me huuuuuug you ;;;;; >U<

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK <3333333333333333333333333333333333 * 7 * :iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz::iconbrohugplz:

1. What makes you happy?

bishies.... :iconsrapplz: I kid... I kid.... um, small things make me happy, like a kind gesture, words that show you care, and cheesy stuffs like that /) o (\ ♥ oh but puppies make me happy too ; v ;

2. What is one thing you need to see everyday just to make your day complete?

bishies. lmfao. I have a feeling I can answer all the questions with "bishies"; but honestly, seeing my friends and family completes my life always ^^

3. Do you have other hobbies aside drawing?

I like to eat and sleep. Q OQQ;; and breathe. occasionally.

4. What instruments(if not)/sports do you play?

I play bishies :iconcrosssparklesplz: ♥ LOLOL JK. I play flute and piano ; v ; and I enjoy playing volleyball and tennis in my spare time

5. Who do you admire the most in DeviantART?

the person who inspired me to get my butt on dA :iconyuumei: >///U///<

6. Is there any person you envy around DA?

etto;; envy............... I jelly of wafflemel because she is a sekushi bishie drawer okei Q O QQ♥♥♥ jkjk Ilu bby ♥ I'm not "envious" of anyone per say

7. If you had a million dollars, what's the first thing you'd buy?

bishies. :iconsparklesplz: and pocky Q OQQQ

8. What keeps you calm in tight situations?

Well, usually I just speak to myself in my head ; O ; I try not to think about the negative outcomes and just concentrate on what is happening at the moment.

9. What's you're favourite manga?

this question cannot be answered fairly LOL. I have way too many TTnTT but among my favorites are Fairy Tail, Naruto Kakashi , and Seven Days [sweetest BL manga ;///v///; ]

10. What was your most memorable event in life?

when I won a national flute competition eeeep :iconuhuhuhuplz:

11. What's your biggest dream?

uwahh ; O ; such a big question hmmm.......... I guess my biggest dream is to make a change in the world somehow? I really want to make a lasting contribution that can possibly help the people in this world, such as finding a cure to cancer or creating something that can make everyone's life just a little bit better :iconyea-plz: But another dream of mine is for all the people close to me including me to be happy for the rest of our lives u//v//u I know that's a bit selfish but perpetual happiness is something I hope everyone around me can achieve someday, regardless of how painful the present may seem to some ♥

a;lfkdsa;f that's all about me haha.
I tag.........

and the questions you guys have to answer ; v ; ......... *drum roooooooooll*
1. Your absolute favorite color? ; v ;
2. Elegant vs. cute, which is your preference?
3. What is one of your worst fears? ; O ;
4. What, to you, is an important characteristic for another person to have in order for you to like him/her?
5. Do you have any siblings? >///v///<
6. Life is..................... complete the sentence please heehee ^^
7. Do you like sports? If so, which one(s)?
8. Your favorite food? Q OQQQ♥
9. What makes you happy? me right? //slapped so hard :iconsrapplz:
10. What do you think is your best quality? >v< ♥ I know you have one haha
11. Can I squish your face please :iconuguufaceplz:

feel free to complete these questions even if you are not tagged haha<3333 Q v QQ


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 12:27 PM
  figuratively of course LOL :iconuhuhuhuplz:
school has been keeping me busy uwahhh Q OOQQ;; so many tests and such. And my parents have taken away my laptop.... sobbu. So sorry if I don't reply to any messages on Skype TTnTT </333 I miss you all though.
:icongrosssobplz::icongrosssobplz::icongrosssobplz::icongrosssobplz::icongrosssobplz: WHY YOU DO DIS TO ME MANGAKAS. SOBBUS. A;LSFKDJA;FJA;FJ  //FLIPS TABLES LIKE THEY ARE PANCAKES :iconpapmingplz: I STAY WITH YOU FOR THE FIRST 500 CHAPTERS AND YOU KILL OFF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS. WHYYYYYYYY </3333333 WEEPS. ALL THIS SADNESS IN MY HEART. MY FEELS. ARE NUMB. A;SDFKJA;FDJAF I-I CAN'T ANYMORE. :iconimdedplz: ..........................................
... coughs....
eek u////v////u sorry for my little rant there... I'm just very emotional right now.... manga does things to my haato :iconsoemotionalplz:
uuu;; /)/////(\ but how are you guys? and what are your thoughts about mangas THAT BRING SO MUCH SADNESS A;LKDFJA;SFDJAS;FDK;AS   I SWEAR, I CRIED LIKE, 21 TIMES THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE NARUTO MANGA I-I counted okay. sobs
why. life. why.

Reminders + Something fun(:

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 4:25 PM
heehee hi again :iconlazywaveplz:
I wrote this just to remind you that if you are indeed joining the Famiry Contest, the deadline is in 4 weeks (around) ^^ It would be a good idea to start early since I know a lot of you have school and extracurriculars and busy stuffs to do ; O ;
and for those of you who do not know of the contest I'm talking about:

clicky clicky~ hehe ♥♥♥
Oh and I would like to thank everyone who commented on my last journal Q v Q you guys are seriously too amazing for words. If I could... I would steal you all and stash you in my room so I could hug you forever u///v///u heehee
ahhhh eeek and before I end this journal I would just like to show you all... this ; v ;

I-I... //puts on sunglasses and starts dancing
huehuehuehue e u e
//brick'd by brick-making factories everywhere

H-How to deal with a bit of heartbreak? , O ,

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 4:13 AM
eeeeeeeeeep sorry I basically died on you guys :iconuu-plz:
I'm still alive :iconlazywaveplz: sorta...
It's just that I've been having some irl problems as;dkjf;jf</3 You don't have to read if you don't want too ^^" you are definitely not obligated to do so haha.
Anyways, one of the problems I've been having includes me breaking up with my boyfriend... a;skdfj;a s-sorry to bore you guys with petty problems like these//slapped
But I guess that's actually not the worst part ; o ; the worst part is that I bump into him everyday numerous amounts of times because my school is so small and I don't know how to act when I see him. Because I'm actually a person that's easily embarrassed, I try to avoid all eye contact and stuff with him, except it makes me feel like a jerk :c When I asked my friend the same question, he replied "Just wave to him and smile."
...t-that's actually a lot harder than it sounds orz;; Do you guys have any advice on how I should act when I see him? a;fdskj;f
Also, do you guys believe in "just being friends with an ex"?
AHAS;LDKFJA;DFA;DSK;A S-SUCH MEANINGLESS QUESTIONS SORRY TO BOTHER YOU GUYS AMG. my feelings are all over the place these days, especially since I haven't been able to talk to you guys as much or even draw Q OQQ and thank you to my new watchers ; v ; I'm forever grateful ♥♥♥
a-and onto a bit of happier stuffs, if you choose to, you can comment on your favorite fandom/pairings from anime/manga ; v ; I-I'm in the mood to draw a bit of fanart ahaha q v q
Stay healthy and safe everyone and thank youu♥


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 2:26 PM
school has been so cruel to me :iconlazepoolplz: eeeeeeeeeeeeeee l-look at me swimming in my own tears//flails
ahh how are you all? Q v QQ
I know most of you are probably busy with school orz;; Take care of yourselves everyone! ; O ; I also won't be uploading much because of school and various other things like the fact that my mom is about to take away my tablet until after I finish a few exams TTnTT
Oh and my kiri is at 16125 for all of you guys who don't know hehe ^^ I know that's still like...6000 pageviews away but still Q u Q♥♥♥  and how do you like my new page? q v q I tried my hand at redesigning it ahaha -- it's so fun a;a;fd;s;k eeeeee♥

Lil' Update

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 2, 2012, 2:39 PM

This is just a little update on my life c:

Anyways, school is starting soon orz;;

After school starts, I probably won't be able to draw much anymore. I have to concentrate on schoolwork OTL idk why I decided to skip Precalc and jump right into Calc BC... kill me. I also need to dedicate 4 hours of my day to flute and piano Juilliard

I'll be lurking on here still haha, but just not as often anymore TT^TT Sorry if I reply slowly / take a long time on my trades...


OH AND ON A LITTLE SIDE NOTE: :iconcrosssparklesplz: (;
Have a great day my lovelies ; v ;

Heehee , v ,

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 6:35 PM

How is everyone on this one fine night [at least for me, it's night//slapped]

I'm super tired but I'm working on some stuff while on my bed.
Art, summer hw, and etc. ;u;

Hehe, this journal was pretty pointless pfff but I guess I just want to know: how was your day? :'D
So if you're willing to join me in bed, please do