May I Join the Dance?

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no mere whimsy, to extend this trembling hand
no mere words able to express
how verses and prose and lyrics and song
together make a path of stepping stones to

another land

one where whimsy is free
and so are the trees,
rustling and gossiping and twittering with paper leaves

where fish of ink leap and splash
and winged things with music staffs flash

blossoms bloom, vines will twine
may this group I call mine?
Fae wrote this a while back (totally forgot about it! whoops!) to ask to join FreePoetSociety.
© 2017 - 2021 Fae-Oaksdaughter
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Barosus's avatar
BEAUTIFUL!  I feel honored that my simple poem reminded you of this brilliant work of yours.  I love it!  But now I have to rise to meet the skill of my dance partner, lest by my bumbling tread slight one who dances so deftly. 
Fae-Oaksdaughter's avatar
Bumbling tread?  Thou speakest of me! 

For true, there come times I can soar,
a brief, glorious flight --- but then I fall
and stumble
and stutter
                    yet again
tripping seemingly over thin air.

Plodding listless dragging steps,
a constant battle 'gainst mediocrity,
somedays this butterfly sometimes feels more a squashed caterpillar.  Or mayhaps a heavily burdened one.

But, Humble Barosus, 
thy words often inspire me
giving me an updraft
to ease tattered wings.