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on Space and Silence, Partings and Meetings
The space between the bars a prison makes,
'tis silence 'tween notes that sets the pace.
Parting was said to be such sweet sorrow,
so that then we again could meet on the morrow,
but I would rather you ne'er leave at all.
Still, if space between the bars a prison makes,
'tis also space needed by freedom to take flight,
far from me though it be,
and darkness to tell if the stars are alight.
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 12 2
Dotty Opal
Opal wasn't an unlucky pearl
nor a moonstone gone to dark
neither a ruby that mixes beyond her station
or a hidden diamond with rainbows sleeping deep
from behind a veneer of color gone dim.
She was just a (polka) dotty woman next door,
who said she bought her cookies from the elves
who tiptoed quietly within the oak
and shelved her books for her.
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 4 2
Botany in Viole(n)t
Pink o Purple?
fire radiates from an
sword petals sharply defined
Flora # Undici
Purple y Pink    
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 4 1
Screaming inside a shattered Mirror-World          [such fun!]
Aren't we having fun   (yet)                     ?
I am fine, I am fine.
Silent thunder and raging lightning                     [o my soul, what wondrous Love is this, that from electrons sparking, raining down destruction
drenching state of mind                                                  came a  wee  Fae]
Am I fine?  I am fine.
If you should go before I wake,
my heart you'll take, my soul                             [original! minted condition!]
(will) you will re/plicate
You may keep it,
I shall not need it,
not for where (am?) I am going.
Am I fine?
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 4 2
Child's (quiet) response
She didn't hear the door opening.  Perhaps this was because she was too busy staring at the wooden panels surrounding what must be glass. Glass! And not the cheap, discolored kind, either, though the bubbles and warbled reflections those thick, dull planes offered were fascinating, in their own way, too.  Before stepping into this whole new world, she had only had a vague idea of glass....glassy seas, waves like waves...Ocean's call...sunlight through leaves...filtered scenes obscured darkly, or else refracted into new angles of perspective.
It was all this, and more.  But so neat!  Like little boxes, all lined up in a row.
That was new, and spellbinding in its orderly clarity.
He tugged on her arm absently, and she drifted after Him, her mouth agape.
She didn't hear the deep voices rumble, or if she did, all it was was vibrations beneath her bare feet.  Or, well, bare save for her layer of dirt-encrusted callouses.  She didn't notice the smudges sh
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 2 0
The Sentinel
The Sentinel
Rooted there with vast stone wings
Standing guard o’er forgotten things
So(u)l Dials long passed to dust.
Metal rust, mortar crumble, all gone is life’s sheen.
Mortal wounds dull, scabbed slow
Gray granite might, shining towers dim and low    
Yet still the Sentinel stands tall and lean,
Sadly noble face ne’ermore by living eyes seen
                         eyes watching
                     o’er ones long gone
The guardian discarded, dis[re|membered,
protector of Nihil
who once, no longer, were someones to guard.
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 3 5
Fae ~ Cat|Call and Response (Ad Lib)
:iconfae-oaksdaughter: in the past long gone
Fae:  And maybe we won't feel so alooone.
     afore we turn.   to.  StOne.
cattservant: 1 little lost hour ago
'sand and water and a million years'
Oaksdaughter: Moments ago
wilt not turn my dust to tears
for this salty water est brakish too
acidic for the seedling new(s)
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 2 11
Mantilla overlaid Teal Gown by Fae-Oaksdaughter Mantilla overlaid Teal Gown :iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 1 5
Popcorn tree
My heart swelled
and burst in a flower of fire fiery corn
Popcorn falls like rain
ice crystals only come
after the first fern rises
                         from the char
cinder love
the leaves sing to me
and I sigh and stretch
higher roots
    ever higher
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 3 7
Lest We Forget
May our home never close its shutters
    to the splintered doors of others:
"Lest we forget"
              \ |/
                  ~ from where we all came.
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 0 1
Swift currents and true birds' flight guide your way:
~ tilde Fae
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 0 0
Falling down with Babbel, Flying high with Brrook
babbling b bbrook they called me
my book worrm was eatten up by umbra llunar moths
double digit debts piled upp
and down falls
the sky
Babbble bbuilt
I go now to see Babbylon
the last of the Ancient Immortals
who grew so arrogant in their indulgence
they wrecked the planet
and only the mournful ghosts linger
to teach the curious (k)noses
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 2 1
She(hoo) Wrote Love on Her Arms
This is a story about a girl.  Her people exiled her, and she wandered in distant lands.  Her children were many...and her moments of peace were few.
This is the tale of the Woman Who Wrote Love On Her Arms.
Once upon a time,
a king had many daughters and no sons.  But while it would be untrue to say that he didn't feel this lack, it IS truth that he loved each and everyone of his offspring.  His subjects adored the baby of the family...who always seemed to grow up too soon.
Or so My Father told me.
Their brothers became blacksmiths,
carpenters became brothers.
Cousins in the street they called to meet
at half past noon, or so:
And every now and then
one would become a nun
who gave None up to cling to One
and thus adopted so many critters as Her own.
One of the King's many daughters grew wild in the wood.
She'd been born among the trees,
left nestled in a bed of moss.
The oak was steady against the wind,
and when the hurricane broke,
the dead leaves absorbed much of
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 3 20
Inkwell - Samurai beginning by Fae-Oaksdaughter Inkwell - Samurai beginning :iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 1 7
Good night Beloved
As I raise me up to Wake,
I pray the LORD to Take
                                            fear  .  obstacles  .  desire o' acceptance     from Evil ones   dread of failure  /   shattered skies
As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray that me He'll keep.
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 0 0
Pax mean Peace in Latina: Hard-won Solace
When Fae feels lonesome
        even in a crowd,
When snagging thoughts bray and caw
        desiccate y devour
  this house o' bones I've erected 'round a hollow     s   P     A      C     E
                                                                            PAX, si placet
  picked clean by self-imposed   Vultures
                                                      c ling
:iconfae-oaksdaughter:Fae-Oaksdaughter 0 23


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and whether she'll return,
only the wind can say.
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