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How to Draw Female Characters

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Since I'm not doing a comic for the time being, obviously I must do something else to fill in the space (as I'm still trying to requests, this clearly means that I have masochistic tendencies). Which is apparently planning out three tutorials on how to draw female characters.

Mostly inspired by [link] because it demonstrates the sad, sad state of affairs that is the resources for female character design.
This is either going to help someone or it's just going to sound pretentious because I am a grumpy artist-critter.

Now this isn't really a beginner's tutorial. We're going into anatomy and character design so I generally presume the audience is someone who already has some basic idea on how to draw. I'm still working on the next -Two? Three?- tutorials so if you guys want to see anything just comment or note me about it.

(Also, if you spot typos, please say so. >_< )


Helpful external links:

Female nude poses: [link]
Cedarseed's Guide to Human Types: Part 1 (you can visit her page to get even more helpful references): [link] and: [link]
And helpful anatomical references galore: [link]

Art (c) me.
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Hro-Talak2Hobbyist Artist
So Fadura-lotti,

Which of the first two do you think is represented the least? Which one do you have? Should childrens' films feature them? What about combinations?

Reply whenever.
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Well, the moe anime style doesn't mean that you cannot vary female body size tho
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MadameSpectrumStudent General Artist
Huh never knew that article existed...I can get where the pattern started in superhero comics, but I understand the frustration. I mean.....it’s gotta get boring drawing the same thing over and over again right? Anyways, I love this tutorial! Very helpful for beginners. I don’t suppose you have anything on males, do you? Thanks! :)
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StoirmDraoidhHobbyist General Artist
This is very helpful as although female myself I have always forund drawing them to be hard.
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I love this tutorial! You're so humorous throughout it. Thank you.
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shark235Hobbyist General Artist
Boobs deifying gravity,boob power! :la: :onfire: (even though real breast don't)
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Crystal-OkamiStudent Digital Artist
Thanks a lot, for the helpful tutorial! >//u//<
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jasonyutStudent Artist
I totally needed the body shape section. I suck at that XD
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thank you for covering female muscle!!! been looking for something like this
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Ah thank you^^
Not only because of the tips with the different shapes, but also because of the whole muscle section.
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ArtySpartyGirlHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for making this! You did an amazing job!
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Nat-EvansStudent General Artist
I love this. it drives me mad how people honestly believe boobs are like the floating balloons demonstrated in pornography nowadays. 
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KindCriticStudent Writer
This is extremely helpful, thanks!
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VishyyNoPickleChipsHobbyist General Artist
This was extremely helpful! Thank you o:
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Animeluv314Hobbyist General Artist
Super helpful! 
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The-Golden-KnightHobbyist General Artist
Also, let me direct you to what I heard in my head when reading about the boobs: youtu.be/iCYMoD8SfpQ?t=32s
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The-Golden-KnightHobbyist General Artist
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Nyan-ZUHobbyist Artist
I Thought the Nipples Were on top Of The Boobs.....O_O
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DrunkenOodDalekHobbyist Digital Artist
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darksomenessHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for this tutorial, I've been searching for one that has different body types.
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The one problem here is that you gave them all thigh gaps; reality is that thigh gaps are only natural on a handful of people, and having one without the genetic predisposition is a sign of malnutrition.
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Look at all the other poses and such, those dont have thigh gaps? And its not a problem to have them,
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LuernaHobbyist Writer
I'm trying to learn how to draw, and I'm so glad that there's something like this out there! It's very useful, and it's helpful for me, because I don't have to learn this late into drawing, to find bad habits are already formed. It's very informative and easy to learn. Thanks!
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