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July 6, 2011
Suggester's words: There are so many "how to draw women" tutorials out there, and most of them focus on only one basic body type. How to Draw Female Characters by ~Fadura-lotti is great because it fills in the blanks and focuses on the all the different body shapes and sizes that are so often overlooked by artists. This is a tutorial for artists who want to move beyond the basic cookie-cutter "pin up girl" body type and start adding more diversity to their female characters.
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How to Draw Female Characters



Since I'm not doing a comic for the time being, obviously I must do something else to fill in the space (as I'm still trying to requests, this clearly means that I have masochistic tendencies). Which is apparently planning out three tutorials on how to draw female characters.

Mostly inspired by [link] because it demonstrates the sad, sad state of affairs that is the resources for female character design.
This is either going to help someone or it's just going to sound pretentious because I am a grumpy artist-critter.

Now this isn't really a beginner's tutorial. We're going into anatomy and character design so I generally presume the audience is someone who already has some basic idea on how to draw. I'm still working on the next -Two? Three?- tutorials so if you guys want to see anything just comment or note me about it.

(Also, if you spot typos, please say so. >_< )


Helpful external links:

Female nude poses: [link]
Cedarseed's Guide to Human Types: Part 1 (you can visit her page to get even more helpful references): [link] and: [link]
And helpful anatomical references galore: [link]

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So Fadura-lotti,

Which of the first two do you think is represented the least? Which one do you have? Should childrens' films feature them? What about combinations?

Reply whenever.