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By Fadri
Reminder: I'm doing commissions.
Also, I'm expanding my commissions to include comics in them too. (!!!)


- What do I draw?
Most of things...  Yes, that includes ponies and OCs.
And also non-ponies and non-OCs. :P

- I won't draw rule 34.
You can ask about nudity, bloody pics or other "controversial" content. I could accept to draw that kind of things or not, depending on how hardcore the request seems to me. :P


Consult this chart for the prices:
Commission Prices by Fadri

Aproximate average prices, these prices may vary acording to panel complexity, number of characters, etc...
Sketchy/Simple style comics = 3,5$ per panel.
Lineart comics = 8,5$ per panel.
+Color = +2,5$ per panel.
+Shading = +1,5$ per panel.



- Payment will be done through Paypal only*, so you can pay using a Paypal account or a credit card. (DON'T FORGET TO ADD THE PAYPAL FEE TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT!!!)
My Paypal is
Or just pay here:
* (If you're from Spain, we can discuss other payment methods)

- I won't start a picture until the payment is made.
I just don't want to work without knowing if I'll get the money. :P

- I'll send you previews of the picture, so you can see before it's completed if it's what you want, and tell me to change anything before it's done.

- Once done, you'll have the rights to publish your picture wherever you want. Or print it if you like.
I'll get that rights, too, I might upload it to my gallery.


If you're interested send me a note, or e-mail me to telling me what you want.
© 2012 - 2021 Fadri
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*turns on the Fadri signal* [which is similar to the bat signal, btw]

Fadri-kun, Fadri-kun, come in Fadri-kun! Your city needs you for a Halloween-type special. ;D

[or preferably, Dia de los Muertos]
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deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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LOL, that should be your new front page banner. :D
C-quel's avatar
Hey there ol' friend, ready for another go at it? :D

I wonder if my new webcomic might interest you as source material... [link]
Fadri's avatar
Hi again, C-quel! ^__^

I've read your webcomic, you're good at it!
And I liked your characters. xD
C-quel's avatar
Hey hey, thank you ol' friend, I appreciate the kind words! ^.^

In any event, now that you've check it out, what do you recommend for me for a good SDC based- commission? Do you think a regular still image would be good, or do you want to try out a comic? :)
Fadri's avatar
Hmmm, I'm not sure... Have you any idea for a comic?
C-quel's avatar
Lol, I got TONS of ideas for comics, but those are for me to draw. :P

Nah, I was wondering if you liked them enough to come up with your own comic strip in your head, given you also make comics as well. Pretty sure you can come up with something cute and zany that I never thought about. :3

One caveat, of course, being that there can be no direct referenct to MLP -- this is not Equestria or even the MLP universe, after all. ;D
Fadri's avatar
Okay, let's do a comic then! ^_^
Give me about a couple days to think some ideas using your characters.
I'll tell you what I got then, and we'll make a comic of the idea you like the most, if you like any. xD
C-quel's avatar
And if I like all of them, I'll buy all of them, lol. I would imagine the little extra money wouldn't hurt. :D

Tomorrow (or Sunday) you'll see them in full Battle Mode, so hopefully that might help as extra inspiration too -- but for the most part, the world of SDC is a free for all. It's based on our world, so humans are in there (that's what all the white blobs are), and in fact there's very few ponies in the world. No cutie marks either.

Also the chibi style is intentional, to make them easier to draw... you should totally take advantage of that. :D

If you want to see what others have come up with, you could totally check out my SDC favourites folder too: [link]
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