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Twilight, the Brony

By Fadri
Uh... What do you call a female brony? O__o
Well, whatever.

EDIT: After all the answers and further investigation, I can conclude that "brony" it's a unisex word. XD

EDIT 2: Yes, some time after I posted this picture I heard about the word "pegasister". But I'm still using "brony" as a unisex word.
In theory, this fandom should be one of the most gender egalitarians, and one of the less worried about telling the differences between boys and girl, amirite? :P
Also, you don't use different words to separate female and male fans in other fandoms.
Star Trek fans are just trekkies despite their genres.
For Doctor Who fans, there's no thing like whovians and... err... tardies?
:iconcrazytwilightplz::iconsaysplz:I'M NOT TARDY!
You get the idea. :P
(Anyway, I don't mind to use "pegasister" in cases where you really want to tell the difference between boys and girls xD)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro / Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:.
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Its cause its all flooded with NSFW pony shit instead.
justbenn's avatar
eeyup (big mac approves)
ShadowGirlFan1's avatar
I think maybe a Pony, idk
Deadaccountuwu's avatar
ive ran into this problem and decided not to try after I found the weird side of brony town then it was time to grab a mlp dvd
VinylScratch111's avatar
Female brony: Pegasister
howling2001's avatar
a pegasister I thinks :)
NerdyWhovianGirl's avatar
You call a female brony a Pegasister
AllPoniesPlz's avatar
This is the problem I face every day! Waaaah! 
ShoutmonX7S's avatar
 why so many bronies
AnimatedLuigi15's avatar
You don't want to see all of them, mostly of them at the bottom might end up being porn I think I've fainted. 
PuppyloveImani's avatar
Pegasister apparently.

I will never clame that term however. XD
PureTassel's avatar
You could travel money-less, if desired (you could read my Wikivoyage userpage if you want).
endergirl05's avatar
umm...twilight in the internet search"My little pony"and there...ponys...
Toa-Ignicus's avatar
Every Bronies problem.
TheLordFanboy's avatar
A Doctor Who fan is a whovian.
Glide08's avatar
accidentaly finds [link]
becomes deus ex character
joins SI
BronyForLife99's avatar
This happens to me several times a day
KieDough's avatar
This is me at 3am everyday!
10yearArtist's avatar
You call a female "Brony"
a Pegusister.
DerpysLegion's avatar
Ok I've done the math, Leaving 25 mineutes a week for sleep, I will be able to view all ponies on the internet within the next 376 years... I need to get to work
jsdman1234's avatar
I don't even look up pictures of humans. Why is a pony looking for more ponies?
Nachmonta's avatar
"Brony" is only for males, a woman can't be a bro.
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