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Skadi (and Diseasoid)

By Fadri
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Fanart of Skadi, a very cool webcomic (made by the creator of Camp Weedonwantcha!!) which is about to finish very very soon, and I've just read the whole thing a while ago and had to draw a fanart because of it. :P

Skadi © Katie Rice & Luke Cormican.
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Hey, I actually remember reading this! I used to read it on some site that had different comics for each day of the week, and Skadi was one for a while. For some reason, Skadi didn't show up there anymore, so I stopped reading it because I thought it ended. I will have to go read it now!

I wonder if that site still exists...
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I think you mean Dumm Comics, right? :D
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Yeah, that's it! Did Skadi never leave? I wonder why I stopped reading it then...
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Maybe did it leave and return later? I don't know. XD