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Murderer Girls

By Fadri
Characters of a future webcomic project... or something. They are a group of killer ladies. 8D
Let's introduce them:

Dolly - Dolly wants to play. To her, humans are toys. She even thinks she's a doll and her doll Patricia is herself. I would say she's a little confused.
Her favorite killing tools are experimental drugs. O_o
Or guns, when she is in a hurry.

Rachel - Rachel wouldn't hurt a fly. She's a very kind and calm person. Until you strip her. Then she become the ultimate killing machine.
Her favourite killing tool is anything.

Sandra - Sandra is a completely normal person. She complains a lot about being fellow with those two crazy weirdos. Because she's not a madwoman. Okay, she kills people sometimes, but that's all.
Her favourite killing tool is her modified hedge trimmer.
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Now these girls are the real mankillers. :XD:
MettalicRaptor's avatar
there is a reference to except it would be a chainsaw and there wold be a chair. lol
Fadri's avatar
:iconfluttershymovplz::iconsaysplz:Hey, hey, hey!
Well, I drew this in July 2010, SHED.MOV didn't exist yet. XD
paladin095's avatar
Uhh que miedo se ve estupendo ese toque oscuro de tus personajes =3
Fadri's avatar
bittest's avatar
MUAHAHAHA si alguna vez empiezas esto (y ojalá que así sea) te voy a lanzar todos los CNAUWs del capítulo de terror encima (el que trataba sobre webcómics de terror, no el que da terror en sí, que eso todos) :mwahaha:
Por lo demás, a ver cuándo lo empiezas, que estás todo el día dibujando cómics y al final no dejas tiempo para dibujar cómics.
Fadri's avatar
Todavía queda para que lo empiece, pero sí, está en mis planes. XD
Reversedone's avatar
Yeah, this isn't disturbing at all! XD
I'll be sure to keep my self in a fortified bunker if they're ever around.

I mean seriously. Rachel just decapatated a guy WITH A FORK.
How does that work!? Wait....nvm, don't wanna know.

Anyway, good work and excellent use of black and white contrasts! :3
Fadri's avatar
And, yup, it's better not to think too much about the fork thing. xD
Reversedone's avatar
You're welcome! :D
smawzyuw2's avatar
If only you drew the line in between the girl's legs at the top.
Fadri's avatar
It's intentionally shady there. :P
polojo100's avatar
Rachel sale en alguno de tus Webcomics?

Fadri's avatar
Saldrá en este de las asesinas cuando lo haga. XD
polojo100's avatar
Trigork's avatar
Quiero decir.. Tetas.. O__O
Trigork's avatar
Si esto sale adelante te regalare el Mythu de peluche (se que lo tengo aparcado LO SE ;__;)
Fadri's avatar
¡Pero no puedes prometer regalos ya prometidos a cambio de hacer otra cosa! XD
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