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MLP FiM - Nightmare Night



Nightmare Night is coming to Ponyville! And, to celebrate it, the ponies dress the most creepy costumes in all Equestria.

Can you guess what are all the costumes about?

If you can't, let me tell you:
- Screwball in the window... errr... windows, doesn't wear anything, she's already weird enough.
- At the back, the Headless Horse (Carrot Top, apparently) scares Lily, an inocent citizen that, of course, screams: "The horror, the horror!".
- Then we have Lyra as Sea Pony Lyra! Sea Ponies are evil.
We can see as she's dumbfounded looking at Bon Bon dressed up as a human!!
- Now look at there!! Trixie is the great and powerful Ursa Major!! I'm not sure if that's a costume or she has changed herself with some kind of spell.
- The Weeping Pegasus Derpy can't move while that living Muffin there and the Fourth Doctor continue looking at her.
- Don't miss that glitchy pony at the right, Blues, wearing a suit of a even more glitchy pokémon, Missingno.
- Rainbow Dash is wearing the most terrifying costume ever: The "Rainbow Dash Always Dresses In Style" costume. OooOOooOOoo... :iconapplebuckplz:
- While that Pinkie Pie wears the least sinister of the costumes, just some baking clothes to bake cupcakes.
- Twilight is a frightening spider.
- Spike is trying to be Tom the rock for his own interest.
- Rarity is dressed up as the ghost Stay Hoof, the Marshmallow Mare.
- Applejack costume is not very creepy, but fits her. You know, she was Han Solo for a while.
- Fluttershy wants to be a tree, but this time she's one of the Everfree Forest's scary ones.
- Cutie Mark Crusaders costume wearers! Yay!
Applebloom is imperson-... imponying Ruby, from the Story of the Blanks game. Scootaloo is a chicken, and Sweetie Belle is a dictionary.
- Vinyl Scratch is a Portal's turret, and Octavia is the Phantom of the opera.
- Ruby Pinch is just a witch, but her mother Berry Punch wears the disturbing "Overly Protective Parent Pony" mask.
- And finally, Luna contemplates all the scene from the top. It's her festival, after all.

You can see this pic and more in my webcomic!!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro / Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:.
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