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MLP FiM Commission - Thrackerzod and Sweetie Bot

Another pony commission for :iconc-quel:!!! :D

Now with the double of ponies. :icondoublefunplz:
But wait... Both of those ponies are Sweetie Belle?

Weeeeell, kinda...

Thrackerzod is the version of Sweetie Belle from My Little Pony: The (abridged) Mentally Advanced Series. You can see her here: [link]

Sweetie Bot is the version of Sweetie Belle that appears in My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft. This is the first time she does it: [link]

And apparently, they are just regular ponies! :P

MLP:FiM created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, © Hasbro.

> If you're interested in a commission from me, take a look here! [link] <
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Thackerzod almost ruined Sweetie Bot for me! And I like Sweetie Bot.
Both are fooling each other into thinking  they're regular ponies but in reality they're both frauds 

Actually Sweetie Bot has no idea she is a machine. She thinks she’s a pony, Cheerillee even says robots don’t automatically know they are robots.

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What is it with the abridged versions of MLP and making Sweetie Belle something unusual?
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Cutie Mark Acquisition Program-Sweetie Bot
I want to be an oompa lumpaa!-Thrackerzod
How cool it would be if these two could be in the same world!!
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Thrackerzod:  Greetings Automaton, I am Thrackerzod!
Sweetie Bot:  Salutations, I am Sweetie 83113!  Where are you?
Thrackerzod:  Your head is on backwards.
Sweetie Bot:  I would set phasers to hug, but I cannot find you.
Thrackerzod:  Your head is on BACKWARDS.
Sweetie Bot:  Are you a robot?  Some robots do have stealth capabilities!
Sweetie Belle: Uh......what's going on here?
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I wish to be an oompa loompa take me to them so the deed may be done
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two of the best sweetie bell formats

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I made a compilation video of some of the best lines of this two characters, in case you're interested:…
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Marisa Kirisame: Heeeeeey, Nitori...

Nitori Kawashiro: What do you want, Marisa?

Marisa Kirisame: You know how you are so close to Linkara that you pratically modelled yourself after him?

Nitori Kawashiro: That is a gross oversimplification of my relationship with him, but go on.

Marisa Kirisame: Well, Linkara has all sorts of robot helpers. He has Pollo, Holo-Kara, Nimue, the Cybermats...

Nitori Kawashiro: Your point being?

Marisa Kirisame: Well, ever since the reboot-

Nitori Kawashiro: What "reboot"?

Marisa Kirisame:-yeah, I know, we are not supposed to remember it. Anyway, ever since then, you lost the only robot buddy you had.

Nitori Kawashiro: I never had a "robot buddy".

Marisa Kirisame:-yeah, yeah, Myster Science Theater 3000 Mantra. Anyway, I got you a new robot buddy!

*Marisa pulls over a tarp to reveal Sweetie Bot*

Sweetie Bot: Greetings, master Nitori. I am Sweetie Bot. I am programmed to follow your commands and to generate proper responses based on humor and pop culture references when faced with the artistic likeness of my fellow equestrians that the humans that the social gathering place known as "Deviantart" generate with their artistic skills.

Nitori Kawashiro: Just fucking great...
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It seems as though Sweetie Bell is getting the short-stick.
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How would Thrackerzod and Sweetie Bot react to the original Sweetie Belle?

NOT G3.5, the one in G4.
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I get sweetie bot, but thrackerzod doesn't make sense to me even though i watched the videos.
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Thrackerzod is a being from another dimension who possessed Sweetie-Belle in order to kill Twilight Sparkle and harvest her soul. It's all perfectly normal.
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Yes, one normal pony that can duplicate herself and another that sings autotuned. Seems legit.
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Thrackerzod? Wasn't that the name of that interdimensional blob alien from that one episode of "The Tick"?
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actually, thrakkorzogg was that one. [link]
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:iconthrackerzodplz: I am a regular magical unicorn.
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