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Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony! 8D ATHEWM!!


MLP:FiM created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, © Hasbro.
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FloodedHeartHobbyist Digital Artist
If I was the mom, I'd switch out the book for another so she'd never have to know
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oh thats fucked up!
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Camicazi13Hobbyist General Artist
Derpy doesn't really know about that, she's nice, but a bit dumb...
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This is just cruel, it's not like Snowdrop's a jerk or anything. She's innocence personified! Why would you do that to her!?
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Now that's just cruel 
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that is so cute
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DanRantsAndReviewsHobbyist Writer
Ok thats just wrong man
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eso ha sido cruel XD
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Scarecrow113Hobbyist Writer
That's so mean
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jothecatloverHobbyist General Artist
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 (Oh... ... oh that is just so cruel...)
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mariodsStudent General Artist
Pero qué zorra. XD
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I see your taking cues from Cyanide and happiness. 
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Si no conociera a Derpy diría que es malvada
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FadriHobbyist Digital Artist
Sí, parece eso pero sólo es desafortunadamente incompetente.
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Julesworld99Student Writer
ok,this is a bit cold.
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You evil bastard.
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FadriHobbyist Digital Artist
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JustAnotherFan4Hobbyist Digital Artist
Such a mix of things that makes this as brilliant as it is! xD I love it!
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
:iconpinkiestarryeyesplz: "Can you read me this book, mommy? I got it as a gift from this really really nice pony!
She heard that we didn't have the money to buy Hearths Warming gifts, so she gave me one!
Now I believe in the good of the world and Santa Hooves again!"

You know ... somehow I have a feeling this is gonna be less of a problem for Snowdrop, and more of a problem for her mom. ^^;

:iconsweatplz: "Uh... yes, dear, I'll... err ... read you this book, erm. Uh, let's see... once upon a time, uhm, there was... there was a... a  magic eye. Uhm, yeah, a magic eye... And it... it saw... magic. Because it had magical sight- Oh. Oh, err, woops. Sorry, mommy must've misread that dear, err..." :O
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+fav own comment
Snowdrop can't read
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a book with images instead of words?
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