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Even more ATHEWM yet! Unbelievable!
MLP:FiM created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, © Hasbro.
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That's me king diary to you purple lady
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that's really funny keep up the good work .......or else barry is going to meet you >:)
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YOur getting better at art Not like your old pictures you have improved.
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Ha ha that was funny😂
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I could actually see Twilight still secretly writing letters to Celestia when her friends(except for Spike) aren't watching.

:icontwilightscaredplz::iconsaysplz:Dear Celestia, me and my friends are writing in a diary now. Is that OK with you? I'll still send you letters, but only to tell you that everything's peachy keen...I really don't want to go on the brink of insanity again with worry, that's all...Your fellow Princess, Twilight Sparkle.:iconsaysendplz:
*Twilight has Spike send the letter to Celestia*
:iconmlptwilightplz::iconsaysplz:Whew...that was too close...:iconsaysendplz:
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Lesson Zero dos: la venganza
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Oh, why the Diary does not have the Twi cane.
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Dear Princess Diarylestia...

I was sooo thinking the same thing at the end of that episode. :XD:
Although my interpretation involved Twilight writing her "letter" in an innebriated state.
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"i'm a princess are you a princess too?" lol
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Twilight you silly! You forgot to turn the book into an alicorn!
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And now Ice King shows up and kidnaps Princess Diary.
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And uses her to write another Fionna and Cake fanfic.
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I can actually see something like this happening.

Unless the Mane Six let Celestia and Luna look at the diary so that they can review the entries, chances are, Twilight's going to get worried that the other princesses haven't been getting updates on how they've been solving friendship problems, and then it'll be Lesson Zero all over again!
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I've missed this comic.
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que, queeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD
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And Twilight has now officially gone NUTS.
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Withdrawal is a terrible thing.
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*snerk* Oh my, that's rich. Leave it to Twilight to ratchet the craziness up to 11 by completely overdoing things to comical extremes. :)
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I knew Twilight was gonna lose it sooner or later. 
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La cara de circunstancias de Applejack es lo mejor. XDD
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