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Dash Academy Fanart (2 of 2)



A second fanart for :iconsorcerushorserus:'s Dash Academy: [link]

Look! This is a fanart of a fancomic of a fanseries of those old pony toys of the 80s. 8D

I really wanted to draw a fanart of this comic! It's one of the very few MLP fancomics with a storyline that is not discontinued (or maybe there are a lot, but I don't know them xD) and it has a really well-crafted art (those incredible, amazing backgrounds! :iconbonbonplz:)

So, well, this is Firefly, Surprise and Derpy being part of the Junior Speedters. :P

MLP:FiM created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:, © Hasbro.
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"You can't be a cheerlader and one of the players at the same time."


:iconmlpsurpriseplz::iconsaysplz:CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !