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Hello, and welcome to this home page for those who happened to visit!

I’m quite literally just a young adult trying to pass college courses, all while looking after my two elderly pets. Oh, and as well as the neighbors’ pets of course, with how they literally jump fences to chase me while I’m jogging.

I’d say that drawing and photography are my hobbies, but at this point in my tedious journey of obtaining multiple degrees, I wanna actually make some kind of objective out of it since I’ve been pursuing it my whole life.

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I'm a self-taught artist who gained an interest in creating stories back in 2014, which then inspired me to develop my own style, ideas, and characters. It’s now been about six years since I decided to actually practice and get better, and I’d say that I’ve finally pushed myself to actually show my art to people outside my home town.

I’m a digital artist for the most part, but I also love trying out my professional photography skills and even traditional art on occasion. I heavily prefer drawing original art over fan art, mainly because I’m currently writing out this huge storyline I’ve been working on the past few years, and also because I just find it more fun.

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And lastly, after only being on this site for a short period of time, it makes me so happy to see people enjoy what I post and even want to support me. I believe God has given me a gift of being able to express myself in a variety of creative ways, and I thank him for also giving me a wonderful support system my entire life.

If it also weren’t for my family, friends, and other loved ones, and all their support, I wouldn’t be where I am today...

So, if you have made it this far and decided to read all of this...Thank you! I mean you didn't have to but I appreciate it!

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We Have Had A Monsoon Last Night And Today...We Are Safe! The Air Quality Also Got Better!

Head's Up: Another Art Thief

Head's Up: Another Art Thief

EDIT: Their account is now deactivated. Hopefully they start fresh and decide not to steal anymore, but proceed to read this if you wanna know what to look out for. To anyone who's been watching me for a while, just wanna let you know that I believe I found another art thief. I will say observe the account for yourself and proceed with caution. They are also relatively new, so I guess if I am correct, this would be nipping them in the bud. The person's name is paggiarinoemma, and for those who may not know me well, I have dealt with two different perceived art thieves in the past who ended up being legit. I will give loose but important examples of my suspicions: They don't have a single signature on any of their pieces, their art is very inconsistent in terms of shading, lighting, style, even genre, and more. I have a tiny bit of evidence here from one of her older watchers: "I believe you on the possible art theft because when this user first followed me, she posted the art
Just Curious, Who Read My Entire Old Comic? I Wanna Thank You

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Thank you for the favorite!

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Hey, thank you so much for the favorite! (:

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Thank you so much for the watch. I really appreciate it and you have SUCH a beautiful gallery! :)

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Thank you so much, I heavily appreciate it! I’m happy you like my stuff, and thank you for the watch as well.

Hope your morning‘s going well :)

Thank you for the faves!

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You’re welcome ^^