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Les kids qui s'battent
The Tickets Re-Seller
No More Phone
No More Phone Theres a kid on the throne Ready to drop the bombs Cause he's daddy's son And uncle wants more tombs Just look at him, sitting in a big tree thinks he's a pim', thinks he's free Little puppet, don't you see the set? Little kid on the tombs, Do you really want to drop the bombs? One day the bearded man came But this time they weren't the same Their smile they left on the plane And they broke the sugar cane What was with the bearded? Weren't they all seated? Little kid is all confused But uncle know, uncle talk now Little kid wants his mommy But on the throne no teddy Only responsibility uncle'll take care of
Sometimes I just Kill Myself
Friday May 13, Bar The Happy Midget, London, Canada. 9:03 p.m. -Hi! Name's Graham, what about you? Not a talker, eh? Well that's fine by me, I used to be like that in high-school too. You know, shy and stuff, good times, good times. Anyway, you see that girl, the redhead chick, by the bar? I betcha twenty bucks I'm gonna hook her up before closing time, 'kay? Deal! Friday May 13, Bar The Happy Midget, London, Canada. 9:46 p.m. -Holy shit, man! She's totally into me, she just needs a little help, I'm gonna need you on this one. Yeah, I know that wasn't in the deal, but I'll double the bet if you help me there. Just go see her and be bold as
The Pirate
Boys Don't Cry
You can laugh now, but...
Dead End
Don Yamamoto
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Oh Ehm Eff Gee!
The Cube 60 is the best non-tube guitar amp under 600$, I swear to Dog! I'm having hella fun with it, it's brillant and so full of possibilities, I just need a Stratocaster or a Jazzmaster and then I'll be the happiest guitarist since Hendrix did his first LSD trip. I'm not drawing much or doing anything art-related these days, the only reason for Les kids... is that I wanted to put something up before writting this. I'm alsi seriously considering fullowing :crucian: 's leas and changing username, I hink I'll do that tomorow. Also, the harry potter books are like sweet candy, they're my reward for going trough Tolstoï, Marquez or Eco
Two and two will always make a five
Sorry for the pretencious title, I'm getting quite absorbed in philosophical summer-readings. Anyway, about that big project thing, I'm thinking it over. I was planning on basically creting a virtual person using a DA account and a LJ and slowly creating a story, using only journal entries and drawings that I would have made but signed in the name of this person. Every detail, drawing and post would have some significance in the story. So along the passing months that character would evolve and stuff. Basic "coming of age" scenario. It could be really reat, but I need to polish everything, construct a solid story that's interesting enough t
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edacval zabojstwem socjalisty
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Thanks for watch! ^_^
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unleveLedNate|Professional Filmographer
Yo man, many thanks for the watch.

Miss you at the forums...(of course, assuming this IS the same Fading Angel)
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ErinHunting|Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
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Heya, I'm just cruising on by and wanted to check out your gallery considering we're in a workgroup together :)

I must admit that I'm glad I was assigned to this workgroup because I love your style of art.

Well, have an awesome day

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Cabycab|Professional General Artist
Merci du post sur le pauvre guestbool abandonné du Projet. Et pour répondre à ta question: non, je mettrai pas les chapitres en français parce que c'est la seule chose qui m'oblige a traduire. Autrement dit, je le ferais pas...
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Hey, merci pour la devwatch! J'ai jete un coup d'oeil a ta gallerie... pas mal du tout! :)
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