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Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Or "Power Rangers Zeo". As a kid I somehow completely missed Zeo, didn't know it existed until around 2008. Suffice to say most of my knowledge of it comes directly from Linkara. Ohranger on the other hand I've actually seen episodes of, episodes I really liked and made me want to see more at some point.
Given how important Zeo is to the Zordon era I still want to stay faithful to it, but aside from rearranging some things between Zeo, Turbo and the movies, I also want to incorporate the Ohranger side of things in a way that makes sense. As of now though I have yet to figure out how to do that.

I like the Ohranger designs. They really pop, and they're elegant in their simplicity. Depicting them was even easier than I thought it would be, I think this might have been the first team I did that was pretty much entirely problem free. Literally every element I thought would make things more annoying turned out to be fine. So yay!
FINALLY back to Transformers! after a good many months. I did mean to keep doing more of them between the Sentai releases but things just ended up not going that way. To be fair Sentai/Rangers just lend themselves far better to posting in groups, little harder to keep things concise with Transformers.
The Dinobots are the obvious choice and big fan favorites so doing them was a natural decision. I'm mostly happy with how they look, although the proportions might feel a bit off. But as long as each character is easily identifiable I'm satisfied.
I doubt I'll be keeping up momentum with Transformers and will most likely keep going with the Rangers for the most part but I' like to shake it up a little more often from now on. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Kyofuger extra

And here we have the additional Rangers on the team, the ones who probably best hammer home the Halloween colour aesthetic.

they are: Kyofu Black, Kyofu White, and Kyofu Violet/Kyofu Hazard


Black was the first I came up with, I knew almost immediately that the 6th would be a skeleton. I didn't start working on him until the main five were almost pretty much done, and he very quickly became my favourite once he was done. The head being a skull meant it wasn't hard to design, he already fit the team look fairly well while deviating just enough, and once that was done it only took a couple tries to get the look of the armour to a point I liked. The tricky part was getting the balance of black and white but I'm happy enough with the result.

White was a bit trickier, while her helmet was likely to be fairly simple, I wanted it to kind of fit with black while also looking sadder. I think I'm happy with it though, which is good because I wasn't originally sure I was going to include her one the team.

Black and White story-wise are directly linked to each other, my current idea being that they were once lovers a long time ago but were tragically killed and cursed (naturally by some specific and likely recurring villain) and as a result Black is effectively an empty, soulless corpse roaming around and fighting monsters in emotionless vengeance, whilst White is a bodiless soul with no way to really reach or connect to her former love. The dynamic this creates is as you'd expect; an initially antagonistic 6th Ranger who can interact with the main team regularly and spends most of his time being cold and distant (though the stoic and emotionless thing could lead to comedic moments), and a mysterious Ranger who only occasionally helps the team and can't spend much time with them but can better empathize and support them on a character level, even if she's mostly forlorn. Black would likely join the series maybe a quarter through similar to most 6ths, with White starting to appear around the same time or shortly after. The one thing I really don't know is where, when and how they actually got their Ranger powers, or how they function in relation to the main team.


Violet was a nightmare to design (no pun intended). When conceiving the team I had a feeling I wanted to include a mad scientist of some kind, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to make him a Ranger, or the mentor of the team, or have a sort of Jekyll & Hyde thing going on. Ultimately I insanely went with all of the above. I sketched up the suit fairly easily and was pretty sure I'd go with purple for the colour, but the helmet... I knew that for the character's gimmick to work I needed it to be in some way reversible. I also had a vague idea of what aesthetic I wanted both versions to have. How to accomplish those at the same time was a daunting prospect that I didn't want to tackle for a few days. Ultimately it was a comment from my sister that gave me the idea to have the hair down on the main helmet, and while it was still a pain to design the concept was much easier after that. The main scientist form looks a bit funny to me but it works, the Hazard form looks badass to me and I'm really glad I went with the orange visor to shake things up.

The character is, as I've said, one of the original members of that monster group and good friends with the vampire. He's aged a lot since then, he looks very old and is probably even older than that. He has a father-son dynamic with the zombie. He's the one who created all the powers, weapons and tech for the Kyofugers. He spends most of the series in that mentor role, but as things progress you do get a sense that he wishes he could do more to help, and hints are dropped about him working on powers of his own. Eventually we get a story of him either willingly or being forced to use a formula that turns him into a volatile, super powerful monstrous version of himself that's clearly evil and insane (I'm not yet certain if this is a new thing or a very old thing returned). This becomes a problem for a while but he ultimately manages to get it under control and channels it into a new Kyofuger power. As Kyofu Violet he's not very powerful, he has the base level enhancements to strength and endurance but since the Kyofu powers work by enhancing existing power he doesn't get anything extra. The Hazard form on the other hand is supremely powerful, maybe too powerful, but is a risk to use because he's mad and hard to keep under control.


team concept and designs are mine so please don't touch

Kyofuger main

And of course here's the obligatory helmet line-up 'cause that's what I do. No I will not be doing side views for existing Ranger teams, ever, this is just for the fan made team that otherwise does not exist anywhere else.

so here we have: Kyofu Red, Kyofu Blue, Kyofu Green, Kyofu Yellow and Kyofu Pink.


Red was naturally the first I designed and probably the most evil looking which is entirely intentional. What was not initially intended was the uncanny resemblance to the Psycho Rangers, which very quickly I chose to embrace because 1-those designs are badass, 2-it works as a tribute to the true original "monster" Ranger team, and 3-it actually helped me refine the look for him. As a character I envision him being very aloof and proper, with a hint of flamboyance from time to time. He's noble, and while he more or less cares about his team he does tend to be cold towards them sometimes, and his morals are rather grey.


Blue is, well, a werewolf. His helmet was not hard to come up with it just had to fit the team aesthetic. As a character he's anxious, aggressive, and passionate. He's the only one actively and consistently concerned about the wellbeing of humans and civilians, and true to the blue ranger tradition would end up being the most broody when not tearing apart enemies.


Green was a bit tricky. I wanted to get the zombie/Frankenstein look right without making it too overt, but I think I got a good balance with the "hair". He is either the dead son of the mentor who was brought back by the latter's mad science, or the scientist strait up created him and they just have a father son dynamic. Either way he's lumbering, brutish and a bit slow minded, but gentle and relatively innocent too.


Yellow could've been the most difficult to do and almost was, if I hadn't thought of that look for the head early on I would've really struggled. As it was getting the shape of it right was still challenging, as was figuring out the snake and how the "wrapping" of the mouth would work. In terms of character she's the one I have least clear in my head, she's Egyptian and thus supremely ancient, likely noble or even a Pharaoh and so she's very dignified and a little full of herself, and for the most part views others as beneath her and just wants to finish the threat and go back to resting in the afterlife.


Pink was always gonna be a weird one. I wanted to reduce the main colour for her right from the start and knew the hat would be the best way to do that. The challenge was then how do I integrate a witch's hat into a helmet? Answer: like that, looks good to me (for the record the tip at the back is supposed to be disconnected). Pink is as you'd expect a bit kooky and whimsical, the most optimistic and scatterbrained of all the team and the most compassionate, particularly to the werewolf which is how he ended up on the team in the first place (she's there because Red knows her). She's a little more fond of humans than most of the others though usually in a more amused and fascinated sort of way than inherently caring about them.


It doesn't take a genius to notice that these characters are relatively conventional in terms characterization. That in conjunction with the standard colour palette is intentional; best to root the team in the familiar and warp things from there to keep the thing balanced. Have them be from the foundation fairly normal to juxtapose going quite so outrageous with the concept of the team.

With all that said, I'm super happy with the team. The fact that I can actually see these being a real Sentai team fills me with joy.


team concept and designs are mine so please don't touch

Akumu Sentai Kyofuger

Or "Power Rangers Nightmare"! My first ever fan made Sentai team!

Which is to say not the first I've ever come up with, but it's the first I've ever gone and fully designed and fleshed out and obviously the first I've posted here.

The title should translate roughly to "Nightmare squadron Scare/Fear Rangers", and in case it isn't obvious (I really hope it's obvious) they're based on monsters and/or scary things, which while not actually based around Halloween, did seem the perfect time to do them.

The designs went through a couple passes but I had a fairly good idea of what they'd look like before I started any sketching, just making tweaks to specific details and colour distribution.

Obviously my main influences from existing teams were Gokaiger and Lupinranger given they're another "bad guy" team; the collars, the extensive use of black, though I tried to avoid copying anything directly. In particular the collars ended up quite different and in my opinion much cooler and more unique than I anticipated. Then there's of course the individual tie/cravat designs on the chest to invoke each monster (I'm particularly happy with mad scientist up there having one that doubles as a hazard symbol).

The core team look fantastic to me, even Yellow ended up getting across the Egyptian vibe better than I hoped. Black was a struggle to keep him actually BEING black instead of white, and while I'm not certain I succeeded he looks badass to me. White I feel could've used another design pass, but I had a hard time deciding what to do with her look, so she's stayed as is. And one another note I probably should've given black and white a unique logo for story reasons. Violet looks about as odd a s I suspected he would, though that mainly comes from the helmet which I designed after the suit. His kinda Hyde esque alter ego though turned out as perhaps one of my favourites on the team.


In terms of story, what do I have? Well given that they're monsters I decided to tie them directly to the villains. Essentially some time ago (when? I don't care) there was a sort of large organization of monsters and creatures that came together to help each other out. They did their thing quietly for a long time, until a few of them decided they wanted more, to really up the game of terrorizing humans and gaining power. A couple of the more notable members (the Vampire, the Mad Scientist, and maybe the Mummy) objected to this direction for their own reasons and decided things had gotten out of hand, so they took the others down a peg and went their separate ways. Many, many years later the members who wanted power have come together again and accumulated vast allies and resources, and have instigated a full-fledged campaign to take over the world and torment humanity forever to fuel their own life. The scientist, now super extremely old, contacts his old buddy the vampire (having not aged) and urges him to help form a team to fight against this threat. Having spent years creating this new technology, they recruit a team to fight against their former comrades and maintain balance in the world.

The monsters themselves I see being roughly divided into three groups: creatures of a more horror story nature who work through fear trying to scare humans, beings who're big imposing monsters who try to attack humans with power and brute strength, and creatures who work more with confusion and deception like pixies, imps or sirens.


art is based on the template by Taiko554

team concept and designs are mine so please don't touch



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