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Order slots:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! And take your time when ordering!

  • PG themes only.
  • Couples are welcome, however only male+female please.
  • Refunds are only allowed before I start the artwork. (just ask)
  • NO sexy/slightly sexy/ exaggerated anatomy (huge chest, butt, etc) or poses.
  • Please, no character designs that just barely cover private areas.(I mean like juuuust barely. One wrong move and you see something you wish you hadn't :/)
  • Humans, Humanoid/anthro are my strengths. I no longer draw ponies. Reason being I have drawn so many over the years that I've grown bored of it. (not that I have anything against ponies - they're still so cute)
  • Send points through the commission widget when I let you know it's OK to do so. 
  • Prices and info are subject to change.

Please send in a NOTE! If you do not use this form, I will not respond to your note.

What are you looking to commission?

(pick from the options below)

Please write in as much detail as you can what you'd like:

(Include visual references for characters, please.)
{Needed info if applicable: Character reference, personality, and mood of the drawing;
Style and feel for the design/decor;
Size you'd like,

Any questions?

(leave 'em here.)

Prices are per-item and per-character, unless otherwise noted!!
Prices MAY VARY, if the design is complex the price will be higher.

Pixel Art / Design

(Pixel scale can be 1 or 2- fre option)
100 x 100: 300 :points:
<no examples yet.>
150 x 150: 400 :points:
A Chibi Arai Appears! by FadedSketch
250 x 250: 550 :points:
Commission: Jessi Riverine by FadedSketchCommission: Kachine Pixel by FadedSketchVoid by FadedSketch(this one was scaled by 2. Free option)

Background: 100 :points:
<no example yet.>
Scenery: 200 :points:
Game Mockup #2 by FadedSketch

Design / Decor

Status Stamps: 50 :points: per stamp or bar (these can be pixel-y or normal)
Shelly Status Stamps by FadedSketchSplatoon Status Stamps by FadedSketchTriforce Progress bars by FadedSketch

Headers: 100 :points:
Galaxy Support Button Smaller by FadedSketchDonationheader by FadedSketch
(font used in these initial examples are not an option, but I can use one similar.)


Bust: 300 :points: 
Is There Something On My Face? by FadedSketchAster ( Happy Birthday Sketchy!) by FadedSketch
1/2 Body: 500 :points:
Pink-Grey Wolf by FadedSketchKatyana Evanoff - Definitely Not a Fighter by FadedSketchAlphaess (Contest Prize) by FadedSketchSamara by FadedSketch
Full Body: 700 :points:
Page and Pelican by FadedSketchCommission: Finnigan Flounder by FadedSketch(concept) Poison Hylotl by FadedSketch
Simple/Abstract Background: 50 :points:
Mermaid Shantae by FadedSketchFC Concept: Page Hayes by FadedSketch
Detailed Background: 200 :points:
Lapis Petram by FadedSketchSpark of Hope by FadedSketch


(Unfortunately, I cannot send you the originals at this time. But I will do my best to get a good scan of them.)
Bust: 300 :points:
Shotsie and PottyMouth by FadedSketch
1/2 Body: 400 :points:
Space cats are best cats. by FadedSketchGift for Ningagirl by FadedSketch
Full Body: 600 :points:
Happy Birthday, MMD! by FadedSketch(OC concept) Tona-lynn by FadedSketch
Watercolour: 200 :points:
Happy Birthday, MMD! by FadedSketch
Ink: 150 :points:
DJ Musician Taira by FadedSketch
Coloured Pencil: 100 :points:
Happy Birthday, Kaypxz! by FadedSketch
Pencil: 50:points:
Kaya Concept by FadedSketch

Possible Future Options

  • Journal Skins
  • Custom profile CSS
  • Non-core 'skins' and profile HTML
Have a suggestion? Or a question? please feel free to leave a comment. :)


Q: Why does the quality of your artwork change so much? Sometimes its awesome, other times it's just OK.
A. I'm an amateur artist, I've only been drawing for 5 years. But every commission I get is another step for me to further improve with my consistency. :meow:

Q: Why are your commissions closed so much?
 Because I am not very consistent and I hate letting people down by having to tell them I can't finish it because of that fact. ;w;'

Q: Why have you refused my order and/or asked me to use the form??
A. If what you order goes against anything written in this journal, I will refuse it. If you do not use the forum, I will refuse it. Reason being the forum gives me the right amount of details. If you can't take 1 minute to read through even just the rules AT THE TOP, then I won't respond to your order. Sounds harsh, but I've had a lot of people completely disregard all of this information. :( I work hard to make sure this is updates and detailoed enough so that this can be prevented!
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