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Casey and Raph

These two are Casey Jones and Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012. This was actually supposed to be the first panel of a comic I'm working on, but I got so into it that I decided to make it stand alone. I will make that comic some day.

Let me start by saying this is my new favorite show. Apart from some questionable story arcs and a certain OP character, the show overall is fantastic. It's dark. It's hilarious. The action is fun. It's wonderfully animated. The characters, except for a select few, are incredibly deep and compelling. I could go on.

My favorite character in the show is Casey Jones. I know some people don't like him, and I can see why, but I think he's fun. My favorite Turtle in this incarnation is Donatello. I'll be drawing him some day, but this comic is about Casey and Raph.

In preparation for this, I looked at so much concept art and screenshots and photographs just to understand Casey's outfit. I had to make a size chart of him and the Turtles so I could see their relative size and proportions as drawn in my style. My style makes the heads a little bigger proportionately and the body shapes more realistic. In the show, Casey's legs are incredibly long.

I kept the lines thick because I was already spending too much time on it, and I'm still not confident enough for thin lines. However, I was ambitious enough to use six different textures and create about a dozen graffiti designs. Another great thing about the show is its set design. It's not afraid of putting graffiti on the walls of the city to give it a more authentic look.

I kind of wish Casey didn't wear face paint underneath his mask so his face could be easier to read. I could just take the paint off, but that would detract from his character. He is committed to his vigilante identity, so he goes the extra mile in concealing his real identity... while shouting his real name at the thugs he beats up. Okay. That makes no sense.

He's a teenager in this incarnation, hence why he looks so scrawny here. If you're more familiar with past incarnations, you're probably used to him being a buff man in a tank top. I prefer this, though. Being a teenager better excuses his lack of self-control and his "my city is infested" moments. Also, his vigilante identity has a grim reaper motif to justify his use of wooden hockey sticks and a vintage hockey mask in the 2010s.

Speaking of, I had to do some research to make sure his hockey sticks were of accurate size. The wide one is a goalie stick, and the thin one is regular. Both are for ice, which makes sense as this takes place in New York. The thing behind his head is a baseball bat for closer range. I think just about everything on him can be purchased at thrift stores, which makes his look so fascinating to me. You need a lot of creativity to put it together.

Raph is a mutant turtle, as you can see. I don't know where he gets his attire. Or weapons. Or money for pizza. He doesn't wear much anyway, so there wasn't much to research. He got that crack in his shell plate when he was an infant. His bandana mask clings to his face because of how tightly it's tied. I made sure to keep his arms thick and muscular to contrast his brothers whom I'll eventually draw. Three-fingered hands are a lot easier to draw than five-fingered ones.

What was most difficult for me was the background. Perspective is still very much a weakness for me, and I've never been in a big city, so I had to look at photographs for reference.

Textures I used: concrete wallwoodmetallic specksleatherrubber, and brick. Not that you can tell because of how dark it is.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles belongs to Mirage Studios. The 2012 series belongs to Nickelodeon.

EDIT: I increased the darkness. It's supposed to be late at night.
EDIT: I fixed Casey's elbow pad. Pictures of that are hard to come by. I had to go back and take more screenshots.
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