Should I change my nickname for something more professional (my name for example)?
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Yes, it will make you look more professional
No, I like the one you have

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I voted yes because I know it will seem more professional, keepwalking07 does actually sound a little bit rude. As if to say keep walking to someone who visits your profile, like a policeman. "Keep walking folks, nothing to see here." Your name is you, not your handle. Now I think I'll go and change mine later today, actually.
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I like your art from a couple years back and I could only find you because of your name. Changing that will prevent people like me from finding you.
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I changed all my usernames to my actual name so google can find me better and so the people who are searching my art and information about me - and the copyright is easy to handle (so you don't have to report something like user "MegaTonFun" aka Kuldar Leement image is used bla bla bla). It will make difference I promise!

Also found  this video… (did my daily doodle on YouTube and stumbled on this). This guy is selling his stuff and using your image to mock-up it - but no credit is given. Thats why I have so straight forward copyright notice on my profiles - and I have reported users to DMCA. Later these guys excuses and stuff, but I'm a dick and so no mercy is given :D
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I think name isn't important.Like a lot of celebrity,they're got a normal name and make it brilliant.Don't use your name control your mind,just use your mind control your name.
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Not unless you care about people thinking you are just a little bit more 'proper'. Honestly, I don't think the name you go by on this matters at all. But who am I to judge?
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I vote yes, it just all depends really on if you want this as a PROFESSIONAL portfolio or not.
In my case, I would LOVE to be able to afford to change my user name, but simply can't afford to. I think it would just instantly make my portfolio more respected to my viewer.
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I don't think it's important on DA - professional artists and art directors don't really treat DA as a professional resource. It's well known that there are many professional artists that use it but it's not generally where you would host your portfolio that you would point clients at, it's more of somewhere to just share what you're working on and connect with people more easily than you can on say your own word press site.
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Pretty much everywhere else on the internet names do help convey a sense of professionalism, but here on dA I don't think it makes a great deal of difference.
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I am actually more commonly known as "GTX" in both my personal and professional worlds. I don't find it odd in the least. All of my correspondence, though, contains my name AND my alias. Some professional contacts have even used "GTX" in greeting me at conventions I photograph at, and typically I seem to respond faster to "Hey G!" or "Hey GTX!" than I do my own name XD.

I have changed my name on here once. It used to be "GTXCrusader", which was typically just an online gaming alias I used. Once I got into photography, I liked the name of "GTX", but adding "Crusader" didn't sound right at all, thus it became "GTX Photography" for all my photo work, and once name changes were allowed on DA, I changed it.

In the future I may consider changing yet again to "GTX Media", as I'm now expanding into video production. We shall see, though...
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This isn't a question you should be asking. Changing your username is something that will affect you and you alone, your watchers will tell you not to change it because they're used to the current one and are scared of change.

You should do what you think is best.

But If you have to ask, I'd say a that a different username would look better. Honestly when I hear "keep walking" I think of alcohol, and having a number last on your username makes it look a little childish and gives the impresion that you went for an overused username.

Hope this helps.
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A lot of people have a dual profile. One for more of their personal life, and then the professional one you put on business cards and in signatures. You can choose to have them inter-connected, or even a one way connection to where people who have your personal profile can click through to your 'work' one.
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I like your username but maybe you should lose the numbers at the end. I dunno why but I think it just makes ya stand out more. But it doesn't really matter, what matters is the quality of your art.
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That one is already in use :(
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To me is a fun place to post and connect but not the site I send potential clients to view my work. If I'm going to point someone anywhere other than my bortfolio then it'd be cghub or my bog. I vote keep the fun tag on here and avoid confusing people. Just my thoughts.
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Nope. Well, that's just what I think. I think you like it, and it feels like you, that it fits you, don't change it.
But, at the same time, if you want to be recognized by your real name, I don't see why not. Its a personal preference I think.
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Deviantart makes if fairly hard to find people by name anyway, so I think if you like your nickname, you might as well keep it.
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It would look super professional if you started your own website or blog... I believe you can do it for free at DA just isn't considered a professional website. And yes using your actual name is more professional
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Think you should change it to your actual name because when you present yourself outside DA you'll most likely do it by name, so if the person you are talking to happens to be someone with a possible job offer, or happens to have good contacts, they would most likely mention your Name to others, not a username with numbers. Also if said contacts were to search for you, they'd most likely google you, and it would be way easier if your DA page was some were at the top rather than the 12th result due to your username not matching your name -needless to say that it might create confusion-. And I say "google you" instead of searching you "inside DA" because usually the ones who have job offers are more likely to live in the "outside world of devianart", because they have work to do, so they wont know how to navigate through it and so the easier and fastest way to find you and view your gallery the higher the chance of getting to people. (and all of this is my point of view)
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I don't really care. I recognize you by your avatar and Luminarium logo. ;)
Keepwalking sounds cool and pronounces nicely. And, hey, we are on the internet! Real name, however, is more professional, as you already mentioned. So I guess it's up to you ;)
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I prefer your current username, but if you would rather go for your actual name, it's all good with me.
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I have thought about this as well but I am conflicted, on the one hand most people know me via my alias but on the other an actual name is more professional. Also at conventions it would be nice for someone to say "Hey your Adam Burn" rather than "hey are you Phoenix-06" it's odd. So I would be inclined to agree that having your real name would benefit you more than an alias especially as you become a more professional artist it looks better when people view your portfolio.
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Well, I'm surprised that you just changed your nickname haha. I thought it was time to move into a more professional name here on DeviantArt. It is a huge dilema since everyone knows you here because of your nickname not your real name as you said, but I guess people will just get use to it eventually. I personally don't, when I see someone changed their nickname, except particular cases such as yours, I cant relate their new nickname with their art, and I dont know who they where.
Perhaps Im wrong and its not necesary to change it. When most of the people wants to know if I have a portfolio I point them to my personal one rather than my deviant.
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I have been deliberating the change for a while, primarily because over the past year I have detached myself form that alias more and more, a lot of people are starting to know me by my real name due to the comic and as that goes on I would rather my work be under one name and not different alias'. It's entirely up to you if you personally think it will either benefit you by changing your username or if it will change your mind set and make you feel more professional then that's your choice :ahoy:
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yeah I agree, Thanks for the input man :)
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